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    Love Story: How Destiny Connects Two People

    By Shatavisha Chakravorty

    Marriages are made in heaven, or so they say. However, in the Indian context, marriages are celebrated in all pomp and show. In fact, it will not be an exaggeration to say that a father saves up a lifetime of his earnings to be able to afford the dream marriage for his daughter.

    Whether this is a good thing or not is something that remains controversial. However, the fact is that Indian marriages are where you meet a lot of people who are from similar background as that of you.

    love story

    When this sort of thing happens, younger people who are single often end up falling for people around. Thus, in this way, a marriage ends up prompting a couple of others.

    This is exactly what happened in the case of Pravali and Mayank. It was in their siblings' marriage that they found the love of their lives. Read on to know how one marriage led to another and laid the foundation of an entire family.


    The Handsome Hunk

    A graduate from one of the top engineering colleges of the country, Mayank focused on only two things in life; his career and his body. Being the gym freak that he was, it was obvious that he attracted a lot of women. But women were the last thing that he was interested in. That is why he had never dated anyone.


    The Extrovert Pravali

    Pravali, on the other hand, was an outspoken girl who had a lot of friends, many of whom were guys. Since her college days at the fashion institute, she had always had one boyfriend or the other. In fact, people could barely recall a time when she was single. She was very pretty, to say the least.


    When The Planets Conspire To Make You Meet Your Soulmate

    Pravali had been looking forward to her elder sister's marriage for months. Thus, when the time came for her brother-in-law's ‘baarat' to come at her place, she could hardly contain herself with excitement. Little did she know that the bridegroom's party had the love of her life in it!


    When She Finally Takes Notice

    Initially, when her entire family was busy welcoming that of the groom's, Pravali was merely doing her duties and did not notice Mayank. It was later in the evening when her sister was walking around the sacred pyre that Pravali found herself struggling to find the perfect position to capture the moment in her DSLR. And at that moment, there was this guy nudging and pushing his way, trying to adjust his DSLR. She not only found this to be rude but also disliked him at that very notice.


    Lovebirds Start To Sing

    Mayank noticed her at the same instant. And he was rather impressed by her photography skills. Till date, Mayank had only seen girls decking themselves up in marriages. Here was a girl who was not just beautiful but seemed to be blissfully unaware of the same. The proactive manner in which she was taking the pictures blew his heart and at that moment, he made up his mind to talk to this girl.


    Mustering The Courage

    For a guy like Mayank, mustering courage to walk up to a girl like Pravali was no child's play. But it amazing to see the powers that love bestows you with. The next morning, during his sister-in-law's (who happened to be Pravali's elder sister) ‘bidai', he went to Pravali and tried to initiate a conversation.


    When The Timing Is Wrong

    Considering the fact that Pravali was heartbroken about the fact that her sister was leaving the household, it was perhaps the worst possible time to speak to her. Hence, the reaction that she gave was pretty much understandable. For the poor Mayank, this sort of unresponsive behaviour broke his morale.


    As Realization Strikes

    Within a couple of days of being extremely rude to Mayank, Pravali realized that he was not like the usual guys who wooed her. What set him apart was the fact that he did not even try to talk to her since that day. In some way, Pravali missed him and wanted to initiate a friendship.


    The Beginning

    Being the extrovert that she was, it did not take her long to find Mayank's number. Her elder sister was more than happy to cooperate. Thus, one Sunday afternoon, she pinged him and initiated a conversation.


    At The Other End

    Now Mayank's ego was hurt the day Pravali did not reciprocate his advances. After all that was the first time he had approached a girl. That day he made up his mind that he will never talk to her again. But as they say, love makes you do a lot of things. When he received that text from Pravali, he was elated.


    When Love Is In The Air

    Soon casual texts turned to late-night phone calls and the couple ended up meeting each other every weekend. Whenever they went out together, people would complement on the fact that they were highly compatible. This ‘happy dating' phase went on for three years. The couple had indeed found solace in each other.


    When It Is Time To Tell The Family

    By the time the couple was three years into their relationship, Pravali's parents had started to look for a match for her. It was then that the couple realized that it was high time that they should tell their respective families. Considering the fact that Mayank came from a highly conservative Gujarati family, both of them were apprehensive of the reactions they would get from their respective families.


    The Unexpected Reaction

    Contrary to expectations, Mayank's family was more than happy to accept Pravali as their younger daughter-in-law. Pravali's parents thought likewise. However, the family members who were the happiest by this match were the older couple; viz Pravali's sister and Mayank's brother.


    The Big Day

    Today, as Pravali and Mayannk tie the knot, a lot of family members from either side will again meet. Maybe history will repeat itself and someone else will find their true love. After all, this is what has been going on since ages and we do hope that it continues to be so. Meanwhile, here is wishing the lovely couple all the very best as they embark on a journey of marital bliss.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, February 28, 2018, 18:56 [IST]
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