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    Heal My Broken Heart; The Broken Pieces Have Become A Monody

    The terminology of a person who failed in love is "broken heart". Failed love can be divorce, break-ups, and other terms that say two people separated their paths which they had thought would become one someday.

    Love is a part and parcel of life, having a sea of emotions barging towards the shore of the lovers. But when the sea turns away and barges to another shore, the former shore is devastated.

    how to heal a broken heart

    "Feel my heart with chimes, singing lullaby to my soul." - A Mixed Nerve

    Broken hearts are often wanderers in the darkness seeking for the pieces of love that were shattered by betrayal. We cannot measure the pain, nor can we offer any solace. It is time and patience that heals and it is another love that mends those pieces of broken heart.

    How does one heal a broken heart? How does one gather such patience? How does one recover from a pain that has caused a lot of distrust and hopelessness?

    Steps To Heal A Broken Heart:

    1. There Is Hope

    Every broken heart lurks in darkness and thinks of nothing other than letting the pain go. Hope is such a beautiful feeling that makes the pain eventually leave the grounds of being hurt.
    Part of the pain that we feel when broken, comes from the fear we have of being alone and the other comes from the part of feeling lonely. We feel none would ever understand this pain we experience.
    Hope helps in ways of thinking towards being positive. When it comes to us being broken, hope is the one-dimensional character that drives us towards a positive life.

    2. Time Does Magic

    A particular journey of life is time. Broken hearts are healed by the same. It only takes time to mend the parts that were once broken. The timeline of healing is different from person to person. All you need to do is let yourself to be healed. If your heart has been broken, you need time to heal it. When one breaks up, they think nothing will ever make them feel normal again. But time does its magic on them.

    3. Feel The Pain

    It is okay to feel the pain. Don't take it as an abnormality and that it will create trouble. It won't. It helps you in being normal again. It is the path of your mind which will mend the broken ends. You are a human at the end. Allow yourself to walk through this fire that hurts you within.

    4. Talk With Someone

    If you have a person who is close to you, tell them how it feels and how hard it is to feel this broken. Vent out the pain and share your sorrow. It feels good. Share what you think about when you are in pain and how you didn't want this to happen at all. Do what it takes to make yourself feel better.

    5. Change Is Constant

    Think about change as the only constant. Think about how the break-up happened earlier than later and you are in a better situation now than you would have been if the break-up would have happened sometime later.

    6. Start Practicing Self-love

    All you need is to love yourself. The only way to completely heal the broken pieces is self-love. Recognize the masochistic and all the self-harm behaviours (not eating, substance abuse, risky behaviours, etc.) and nip them in the bud.

    Try to inculcate all the forms of loving yourself. Do what makes you feel better. Don't isolate yourself or your depression will take a deeper hold on you and will not help you heal. This is the way you can make yourself healed and at the same time bring happiness of loving yourself.

    Start following these ways and mend the heart that is broken. Make the best out of your resources and see where you reach. Healing a broken heart is a commendable work. And you will heal from the wrath of the pain. Remember, healing is a process and you have got to be patient with yourself throughout the time.

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    Story first published: Thursday, June 21, 2018, 13:00 [IST]
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