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Acts That Women Think Are Purely Romantic In Nature

Women Love these Habits of Men: महिलाओं को रोमांटिक लगतीं हैं पार्टनर की ये आदतें | Boldsky

Acts that women think are purely romantic in nature varies from women to women. Some might like flowers being gifted to them, some don't. But there are some common things that men do and women think they are purely romantic in nature. Many women who are friends have given me a lot of insight into what they think is purely romantic in nature when men do. They have had most common answers along with one or two new fragments of romance to add.

Whenever they get to talk about romantic acts that happened in their life, they would share bits of scenes which would have moments, gestures that are unique in itself and which made their heart skip a bit.

Women are always inclined towards emotions and when someone portrays those emotions with a bit of romance, it captures their heart. The thing about romance is the subtle way of portrayal of love.

There are a few most common acts that are purely romantic in nature for women.

1. Forehead Kiss

It can never stop being the most romantic feeling. The urge of being kissed on the forehead for a woman is inevitable and when something like this happens, women take it up to be a purely romantic act. We cannot say a no to this. Forehead kiss portrays a lot of feelings. It showcases the feeling of love, feeling of protective attitude, feeling of being honoured, feeling of happiness, etc.

2. Remembering Special Dates

Dates and days are important in a woman's life. It is hard to remember special dates. We men are ignorant idiots to remembering dates, generally. But if you make an effort and remember small but significant anniversary dates, then you are certain to have her heart. She feels it is purely romantic in nature. A woman always thinks of her man as a keeper when she sees the efforts put forward by her partner.

3. Handwritten Letters

Any woman will fall for a man who gives her handwritten letters. Letters being the form of communication in the old generation has become this generation's fancy and purely romantic idea to woo a girl or portray your feelings. When you give your partner a handwritten letter, she takes it up as an act of pure romance.

4. Surprise Visits

If you and your partner are on a long distance relationship, then giving your partner a surprise visit out of the blue will make her feel it as an act of pure romance.

5. Hold Them Without Any Intention

Woman love being held by their partner. When you hold them without having any intention of being physical with them it makes them a lot happier. They take it as the sound romance between you both.

6. DIY Something

Women love gifts and surprises and when you make something for them, they not only appreciate it but as well keep it as a token of love and romance. Find out what you can make for your partner today all by yourself. It doesn't have to be something that is difficult and takes time(you can do it as well) but do something that would appeal as well as save your time. The romance that comes to her mind seeing the gift is the epitome of happiness.

7. Women And Food

Cook her the best meal you can and see how she turns tables for you. Cooking for your partner is one of the most romantic things to do especially when a man does it for a woman.

8. Do Something To Support Her

If your partner wants to go to some pub with you, take her there. It's all about the happiness and the romance that brews. She will definitely make you meet her friends and tell them how romantic you are by nature.

These are the 8 most common acts that women think is purely romantic by nature. If you haven't done any or have done some, try out the others. It is fruitful always.

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Story first published: Friday, July 13, 2018, 10:00 [IST]
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