Decoded 10 Reasons Why So-Called "Modern Youth" Is Afraid Of Commitment

By Needhi Gandhi

When two persons enter into a serious relationship, they need to commit to each other for the lifetime. In previous eras, the young men and women consented to marry the partners chosen by their parents or elders of the families. They could easily make lifelong commitments to their spouses, whom they might not know personally before marriage. But now the modern youth wants to check the compatibility of their partners by judging many aspects.


They want to make sure that they will be able to retain their happiness even after marriage. Most of them seem to be scared of committing to their love partners. The young men and women of modern times feel the choice of partner to be the most difficult decision of their life. Hence, many of them are seen to prefer the single marital status than entering into a problematic married life. There are many reasons that simply drive away today's youth from the really serious commitment in a relationship, some of which are stated below.


1. Lesser time for relationships

The modern youths are more focused on their education and career, which are cut-throat competitions for them. Hence, all men and women are seen to be running at a super speed all the time for achieving success in their careers. So it is natural that they have no time to spend for nurturing their love relationships, which prevent them from the serious commitment in life.


2. Scary demands of the partners

It is often seen that the young men and women demand too much from their partners, without being reasonable about their limitations in fulfilling these demands. Hence, it becomes really tough for their partners to fulfill all these demands, which are mostly about buying expensive gifts or getting more free time for them, both may not be possible at times, making the youth backing out from their relationships.


3. Not ready to take responsibility

Every relationship is followed by the own share of responsibilities that should be shouldered by both the partners. The responsibility of making a relationship successful involves caring for each other and being sensitive to the needs of the other partner. But unfortunately, the modern generation does not seem to have the desire to spend time on handling this kind of responsibility, which makes them keep away from commitments.


4. Examples of failed relationships of friends

Many relationships now fail due to several reasons and the young people hear too many stories about the personal bitter experiences of their friends in this regard. Thus, lots of men and women now believe that relationships do not actually work in present times, being severely discouraged due to the examples of their close friends. They believe that it was only faults of the partners of their friends for their breakups.


5. Lack determination for choosing partners

Now lots of young men and women are seen to be too fickle minded and they simply cannot decide on the type of partners who will be more compatible with them. So they are always confused about their own choices and feel afraid of making any serious commitment in life, as they are more prone to shifting their fondness very often from one person to another.


6. Over ambition regarding career

Most of the youth of today are too ambitious regarding their careers and earning lots of money. Their sole concern in life is to be rich and powerful in shortest possible time, which exerts a huge pressure on their personal lives. Thus, they find the relationships or commitments to be a too meager matter to be concerned about. Moreover, they do not want anything to interfere in their limitless working time.


7. More selfish about own needs

The present generation seems to be more self-centered and concerned only about their own comforts; unlike our parents and grandparents who took the best care of their life partners. They are not ready to sacrifice anything in life for the sake of their partners, while surprisingly expecting too much commitment from them. Thus, their relationships are seriously hampered due to the similar aggressive mentalities of both partners.


8. Fear of losing own freedom

The modern youth are generally the free birds who love to live on their own terms. Since married life demands some discipline, most of the youth feel reluctant in accepting this stage easily. The working young men and women often become used to their independence that they do not wish to hamper with the introduction of a partner in their life.


9. Too much interference in personal life

Many people have the idea that the life partners interfere too much with the personal space of the other partners. Usually, it is expected that everyone should have some respect for the individuality of their partners, which are often overruled, causing disruptions in relationships. Therefore, the modern youth finds the option of single life much more suitable and peaceful for them, by avoiding this kind of conflicting interference.


10. Probable liabilities of failed relationships

When a marital relationship fails to work out for a couple, it may thrust some kind of liabilities on them, mainly if they have children to bring up as the single parent. So the young men and women prefer to avoid the commitments in their relationships to avoid these liabilities in life that may hamper their career growth.

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