Ways To Feel Emotionally Connected To Your Partner

By Shabana

It often happens that when you are in a relationship with someone you feel you know since ages. You know their every like, dislike and their fears, everything. Your partner too knows you inside out and adheres to all your whims and fancies all the time.

Have you guys ever felt that you do not need to communicate in words at all but still know what either of you want? Well then, congratulations, you are said to be emotionally connected to your partner.

15 ways to feel emotionally connected to your partner

Nowadays in the age of speed dating, most relationships are based on physical attractiveness. While it is also important, you cannot sustain a long lasting relationship only based on looks.

You need to have an emotional connection with your significant other. Being emotionally involved with your partner will not only ensure a better understanding towards each other but also leads to happiness, satisfaction and a long lasting relationship.

Scientifically speaking, our brains view various emotions as messages that we should adhere to. Most of us are not in sync with our emotions. But, today's relationships seem to be mindless.

That is to say that, they are not from the heart. Couples break up for silly reasons and often do not take time to bounce back. There is always miscommunication and mistrust between them.

If you are in a relationship where there is constant bickering, fights and trust issues, it is time to retrospect and find someone who is much more emotionally available to you. In case you want to know what an emotional connection is all about, read on to know why it is important to be with someone who you feel emotionally connected to.

Here are top reasons on why it is important to feel emotionally connected to your partner.

1) It will be easy to gain trust of each other

When you are emotionally involved with each other, you just know that your partner will never break your trust. This will serve as a foundation on which you will build your strong relationship.

15 ways to feel emotionally connected to your partner

2) It will be easier to communicate with each other 

Being emotionally sync with other, you are better able put your opinions forward. You know when your partner will understand and when they will not. This will help you communicate your feelings better with your partner.

3) You will feel secured in the relationship

For women, the feeling of being secured in a relationship is very important. When you have better communication among each other, there are less chances of an ugly surprise. Also, you exactly known that your partner loves you and will never leave you.

15 ways to feel emotionally connected to your partner

4) You will be comfortable with each other

When you are emotionally connected to your partner, you are more like best friends with each other. You have more fun at events and are far from those stuck up couple.

5) Your sex life will be much better

Your emotional connection will definitely translate into better action between the sheets.
Now that you know how important it is to have a physical relationship, it is equally important to know if you are in one.

So here we bring to you ways in which you can find out if your partner and you are emotionally in sync with each other or not.

Here are top 10 signs of an emotional relationship-

1) You are not attracted to them just for their looks-

Do you find your partner more attractive when they are sporting a just out of bed look or you feel they look the best when they make no efforts to dress up or are casually dressed? This is a sign that you value your partner more than looks and that you are in love with their whole personality.

2) You are able to communicate easily

When you are with your partner, you often think before saying anything for the fear of it being misunderstood. But in emotional relationships, you do not have watch your words. You can just say anything to your partner and you will still make sense to them.

15 ways to feel emotionally connected to your partner

3) You can be silly with them

If you find your partner and you playing pranks on each other or even taking humorous jives at each other, it is a sign that you guys are deeply connected and nothing is going to change that.

4) You want their opinion on everything

When you trust and respect your partner, you also take their advice seriously. That's because you know that they can never guide you wrong. You ask their opinion on everything and completely trust their choice.

5) You trust them blindly

Do you often find your friends advising you against giving too much space to your partner in the relationship? You let your partner enjoy their night out with friends simply means that you trust them enough to give them space, knowing very well the fact that they will never go stray.

15 ways to feel emotionally connected to your partner

6) You love to do things for them

Did your partner mention last night that he was missing his favourite chicken curry recipe made by you? And you find yourself working hard in the kitchen even though you are tired and just want to order takeaway. Your partner also goes all the way just to fulfil your every desire. This shows the true commitment you guys have towards each other.

7) You feel important when you are with them

A real emotional connection thrives where both partners make each other feel that their partner is more important in their relationship. That's when you put your partner's needs before yours.

8) You feel happy spending time with them

It is a scientific fact that your body produces more oxytocin, the happy hormone, when you are with someone who you are attached to emotionally. So when your mood suddenly is uplifted by the arrival of your partner, you can be sure of a strong emotional bond between both of you.

9) You have strong intuitions regarding each other

Has it ever happened to you that both of you have secretly booked tickets to a movie just to surprise each other? Things like this happen when you are emotionally connected to each other. Your intuitions for the other person are so strong that you end up doing something that your partner is already craving.

15 ways to feel emotionally connected to your partner

10) You feel that life is incomplete without your significant other

This is the most important sign of being in an emotional relationship. Partners often feel that they are incomplete without each other. They feel sad and lonely when their partner is away from them and also do not feel like taking part in important occasions without their partner.

If you come across any person who you feel an emotional connection with, make sure to never let them go away from you because it's hard to find a person you connect to on an emotional level.

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    Story first published: Monday, December 25, 2017, 13:30 [IST]
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