Signs She's About To Say, “I Love You”

By Ajanta Sen

Have you started dreaming about her? You are mad about how she talks and the way she looks at you; however, you are not sure about her feelings. Sometimes, there is physical attraction between people, which should not be misunderstood as love.

If you are not sure that the girl you love is in love with you or not, here are a few signs which will help you out to know that you are not very far from hearing those 3 magical words from your girl. Continue reading to know more about these signs.

Signs She's About To Say, “I Love You”

Communicates Frequently

She can't wait to share any exciting news with you, whether it is about her promotion, her new project, wedding of her friend or anything.

If she's got updates, you are the only one she'd be sharing all this with instantly. Whenever you ask her about her weekend plans, she never hesitates to answer you or meet you. It means you are really becoming that special to her and very soon, she might say, "I love you".

Signs She's About To Say, “I Love You”

She Takes Out Time From Her busy Schedule Just To Be With You

Gone are the days when women would stay at home and look after the household chores. Today, women are more independent, well educated and busier than they were ever before.

This can be observed in their conversations as well as how busy they are in their jobs, just like men. However, if the girl really loves you, she is definitely going to take out some time for you from her busy schedule. If on weekends she is ready to spend time with you, instead of taking rest, this can be a sign that she's about to say, "I Love You".

Signs She's About To Say, “I Love You”

Friends And Family

She makes some plans to take you to her family parties. Sometimes, she would also like you to hang around with her friends as well.

Moreover, when you meet her friends or family, you will be surprised that they already know so much about you, of course, she must have told a lot of things about you. This can also be an obvious sign that she loves you.

She Hates If You Spend Time With Other Females

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Jealousy is one of the strongest emotions of a woman. If she shows clear signs of jealousy when you spend time with other females or whether any particular female friend is clinging on to you a lot, you can be sure that she surely loves you. Jealousy is one of the obvious signs, after which she will definitely say "I love you".

Talks About Future

When talking about her future plans, she always includes you. She has started dreaming about taking you to places she wants to visit with you. She may also talk about kids and marriage, etc., to see your reaction. These are signs to show that she is just a step away from saying that she loves you.

Signs She's About To Say, “I Love You”

Compliments You

At times, she praises you secretly and, at times, publicly as well. She knows how important your work is and whatever you have achieved so far is because of your hard work alone. If she compliments you on your achievements, your looks and your style of talking, then be rest assured that she is about to say, "I love you".

Signs She's About To Say, “I Love You”

Pays Extra Attention To You

When she starts to ask you about your hobbies, likes, dislikes etc., she also wants to know about your turn-ons and turn offs about women. In such cases, be sure she is paying extra attention and focus on you. This is also a sign she might say, "I love you" very soon.

If your girl is showing the aforementioned signs, be sure that she is in love with you madly and is on the verge of saying "I LOVE YOU".

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    Story first published: Wednesday, November 22, 2017, 16:13 [IST]
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