7-Lies Men Tell On Their First Dates

By Shabana

Every one of us needs that special some-one in our lives. Men go through infinite dates just to find the right person. And what do They do when they finally find the right match and arrange for a date with them? They lie...!!

That's right. A recent study revealed that 75% of Men lie on their first dates. Some lies are just to impress a date; some lies are to cover up things which they are embarrassed about.

Here are the 7 most common things Men lie about on their first dates-


1) Job

Most men lie about their occupation to their first date. This can be because they may have a regular 9-5 job which may sound boring to women. Women also tend to judge men immediately based on their jobs. Hence, to make a good first impression, men resort to lying about their presumably boring jobs and instead choose something interesting.

2) Their past relationship

Men will never tell you about their number of past relationships. So, forget about asking them. Most of them will only respond to an automated "A few". How much exactly is "A few", you will never know. It is simply because they do not want to put a potential interest off. A lot of women may get offended when a man says that he had dated almost everyone in his office or college. It just gives out a wrong image. It might also make him think that you are a wanderer or a commitment-phobic or something. He will definitely lie to you about this if he is really interested.

3) Their family

The thing about family is that we never get to choose them. They are just ours- Obnoxious or otherwise. Your first date may not tell you everything about his family simply because he may be embarrassed by them. Also, his family may not be well-off which shouldn't let you think that he is. Men will do anything to protect their ego even if it means lying about their family.

4) Their interests and hobbies

First dates are all about making the right impression and men will do anything to do that. They may lie about what sports they like, which places they would love to visit or if they are into adventure sports or not. They will suit their interests and hobbies just to match with yours if he really likes you, just so that you can think of him as compatible.

5) Their preference to Beauty over Brains

When asked why he asked you out of all the other better-performing female colleagues, he is most likely to say that he thinks you are different. Ask him if you choose you only because he thinks you are hot, he will definitely say that is not the number one reason why. No matter how much they may say that they like ‘intellectual' women rather than good looking women, that is simply not true. You and I know that a Man will never ask a nerdy girl out. Ever.

6) That they LOVE babies

I am not sure about the psychological reason behind it, but a lot of women ask their date whether they like babies, and Most Men lie saying they do. Women love to see the soft side of men they are dating. Men also know that women are attracted to men who are caring and responsible. Hence, most men lie about it just to impress you and led you to think that they can be trusted with responsibilities.

7) Their age

Most men may lie about their age. This is very common on first dates. Most women are usually conscious about the age gap between their partner and them as they think that too much age gap might hinder their relationship. A Man might lie about his age if he likes you and sees you as a potential partner.

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    Story first published: Sunday, September 17, 2017, 11:00 [IST]
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