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5 Things That A Long Distance Relationship Teaches You

By: Shabana

Love knows no boundaries. When we fall in love, distance doesn't matter. In fact, it just makes the relationship stronger. That is what long distance relationships are all about.

It often happens that the person we love needs to move to a different city or country for various reasons. It becomes difficult to continue the relationship over distance but when you guys are just serious about each other and do not want to let go off of each other, you enter into a long distance relationship.

Normal relationships are complicated on their own, leave alone long distance relationships. Having a long distance relationship is quite a task as you are required to put in more effort to maintain it.
Every person in a relationship should work to keep the spark alive.

his is done by spending time together, watching movies, going shopping or just cozying up at home. But how do we do it when there are several miles of distance between your partner and you?

People in long distance relationships may not be able to spend time with each other physically, but in today's age, staying together virtually is possible. A good WIFI plan is sufficient to keep your beau updated about everything happening in your life and try to bond virtually as much as possible.

In today's age of technology, we can constantly be in touch with our partners through various social media platforms. Sometimes, partners are so busy with their lives that they hardly have time to meet each other. Thus, they take each other for granted and do not realise the importance of communicating in person and spending time with each other.

On the other hand, partners in long distance relationships know the value of time and long to meet each other. They grab each opportunity they get in order to meet their partner in person.

Thus, there is something to be learnt from them. Also, long distance relationships make the partners stronger.
Here are a few important things a long distance relationship teaches us-

5 Things That A Long Distance Relationship Teaches You

1) It Teaches Us How To Live Alone

Long distance relationships do not allow us the security of our partners always beside us. Sometimes, we tend to rely on them for even the smallest things, which might suffocate the relationship.

In long distance relationships, you need to be alone to brave certain situations in your life and move forward. Also, you have a lot of time to do things which you are interested in. After all, you had a life even before the relationship, right?

5 Things That A Long Distance Relationship Teaches You

2) It Teaches Us Patience And Perseverance

People in a normal relationship may get clingy to their partners at times and get upset if they do not receive their phone call or miss a date. This often becomes a reason for argument among the couple. But in a long distance relationship, you need to give space to your partner.

They may be busy with other important things and may not be reachable to you all the time. Also, people in long distance relationships need to have a lot of patience when it comes to getting a chance to meet them as they may have to wait for weeks or months or may be even travel quite a distance just to meet their loved one.

5 Things That A Long Distance Relationship Teaches You

3) Importance Of Communication

Communication is the only thing that keeps long distance relationships going. Couples who live together often do not realise how communicating is important in their relationship. Ask a person in a long distance relationship how they feel when their Wifi stops working or is facing connectivity issues!!!

They long to speak to their partners and connect with them. They also love to share every minute detail of their lives, just to make their partners feel involved.

5 Things That A Long Distance Relationship Teaches You

4) It Teaches Us The Importance Of Small Gestures

How often do you find couples in love gifting each other? Small gestures have certainly lost their importance in today's times. But it is what keeps the spark alive in long distance relationships.

Sending gifts which your partner is fond of, photos of time spent together or sending cute messages to each other all day hold a special place in long distance relationships. These gestures make the partners feel they are always in each other's mind.

5 Things That A Long Distance Relationship Teaches You

5) It Teaches The Values Of Imperfect Relationships

Relationships are never perfect. If they were, everyone would be in one and the world would be a much better place. Long distance relationships teach us that no matter what, it is important to stay together even if they are a thousand miles apart.

Long distance relationships need to stand the test of time and pass through many hurdles in life. This makes both the partners and their bond stronger with time. It also teaches us to accept our partner even in bad times which will definitely end soon and the only thing that binds two people together is love.

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Story first published: Friday, December 1, 2017, 16:02 [IST]
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