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Do This Instead Of Taking Revenge On Ex

Going through a bad breakup is the worst feeling in the world. Our mind starts working in the direction of destruction, but this is something that needs to be take care of. We must make sure to move on in life.

There are plenty of things that one can do while going through a breakup. Taking revenge from your ex is not the only goal of your life. There are many other important things in life apart from this!

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Here, we bring to you the list of things that you can do instead of cribbing about your spoilt relationship.

Check out the list, as it is quite interesting and it is something that one can learn a lot from. Read on to know more.


Get The Anger & Frustration Out

To move on with your life, you need to get rid of the anger and frustration, as the first step. When you are angry, your mind would be blocked with all the negative things. Instead, let go of it and concentrate on the good in the world.


Help Others Around

Helping others is something that can make anybody happy. Do not sulk with the bad that has happened to you. There are worse things that people are undergoing, instead of taking a revenge or cursing your ex, walk around and help people who are really in need.


Keep Yourself Busy

Nothing is impossible in this world. People die, people mourn and forget, the same happens when the relationship ends, especially on a negative note. To avoid letting your mind wander, just keep yourself busy. No doubt, their thoughts will seem to disturb you, yet it would be easy to let go of them and those unwanted feelings.


Pen Down Your Feelings

This is one of the best ways to get rid of the revenge-filled feelings that you might have built for the person. Instead, opt for this best therapeutic way to express your feelings.


Pamper Yourself To The Max

Go on a spa day, or paint your bedroom, do something of your interest that you have not done since long. This keeps your mind busy and also helps you avoid unwanted thoughts.


Unfollow Them On Social Media

After the breakup, make sure you unfriend them and unfollow them on all the social sites. This helps you to avoid coming across any of their latest updates. If needed, you can block them as well!


Eat The Favourite Food That He/She Hated!

This is something that would give you the feeling of taking revenge from him/her. Eat the food that you were not allowed to eat as long as you were with him/her in the relationship. It will surely make you feel good!

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