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Worst Types Of Men To Date

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When it comes to dating, a woman wants her man to be perfect in everything. The list of words to describe the "perfect man" is never ending.

For the women folk, this list can go on and on, unlike the men out there who could do away with a few qualities that lack in women.

However, amidst this, there are a few men out there whom we think women should totally avoid on going on a date with.

Even if you are dating such a person, make sure you are careful about the decision regarding your relationship with them.

In this article, we are here to share the list of some of the worst types of men that you should avoid dating. These are the men we surely come across in our day-to-day lives.

Well, we're not asking women not to date such men; however, we want you all to be a little more careful, especially if your date turns out to be like the one mentioned in the list.

Read on to know more about the worst types of men whom women should think twice before dating.


The Scared Boy

You come across this guy as someone who is all set to swipe you off your feet. But, when you discuss about commitment, these guys will pretend to just not know you! Avoid these kind of men, as they are just not ready for a commitment yet.


The Flirt

They know how to flatter a girl. It makes you feel good for a while. But, if the same flirting nature continues after you get into a relationship, it is time you take your steps back, as they cannot give up on this habit of theirs!


The Narcissist

The word itself is self-explanatory. The guy who takes time more than you to get ready and steps out of the house with his jelled hair and constantly plays with his hair should be a big NO NO, as these men are not worth it at all and it is for sure that they love themselves more than anybody else.


The Mushball

These are the guys who'd love to pamper their lady love. Everybody loves gifts, but what if they get a little overboard and you are over showered with many surprises, then the situation might get a little awkward. So, make sure to avoid such men.


The Power Monger

If he ever tries to over-power you, then get out of the relationship immediately. It is just not worth it. Remember that he is not your boss and cannot rule over you for the rest of your life.

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