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Why Chatting With A Woman Excites You

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Today, many men and women prefer chatting online. Gadgets give you a chance to connect with your loved ones whenever and wherever.

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Also, chatting is a beautiful experience as it gives you a chance to explore the mind of your woman. Many studies say that women open up in candid chats online than in a meeting offline.

This is what gives men a high. As women take more time to open up if you meet them offline, chatting with them online is better. They could open up and express themselves faster online.

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Now, let us discuss why chatting with a woman excites you...


It Reduces Inhibitions

When the person is not in front of you, the chances of feeling conscious will reduce. Without any inhibitions, both of you can have a heart to heart conversation.


Your Mind Goes Crazy Imagining

Every word of hers will make your mind go crazy with imagination. You'll happily interpret every word in a beautiful way to enhance your kick.


Your Mind Releases Feel Good Chemicals...

Whenever you get a reply to any of your text, your mind gives you a shot of pleasure in the form of feel good chemicals. It is like a drug.


The Waiting Gives You Kick

Waiting could be pleasant especially when you are waiting for your woman's reply after saying something naughty.


The Scope Of Anticipation Increases

In real world meetings, conversations are quick and direct. But in chatting, there is a lot of scope for anticipation because the time period between an action and its response increases a bit. That heightens the anticipation levels.


Your Mood Gets Elevated Soon

Her texts will make your day. You'll feel excited for the whole day though the person is not in front of you.


You'll Be Prepared For A Date

When you have enough conversations on phone, you'll be able to know more about her and this will give you a chance to prepare well for the first date.

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