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Signs You're Bad In Bed

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Some men are too busy to even realise that they are bad in bed. Of course, all they are bothered about is their own pleasure and seldom do they worry about offering something to their partners.

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Frankly speaking, love making is a beautiful art. Its an art of offering pleasure to the other and finding pleasure in the whole process of giving pleasure to the partner.

The more you focus on your partner's pleasure, the better as your pleasure tends to be directly proportional to what you give your partner. If you are totally ignorant about the needs of your partner, you will soon fail in bed.

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Now, here are some signs that indicate that you are bad in bed.


You Get Tensed Up The Moment She Touches You

Feeling nervous could later turn into anxiety and that could cause performance anxiety. So, learn to relax. Enjoy her touch instead of feeling nervous.


You Skip Foreplay

Foreplay is like the preparation process. Without foreplay, women can't enjoy the actual act. In fact, the doors of heaven won't open up without foreplay but men seem to neglect this; they directly get into the main course meal without the starters.


When She Asks You To Go Ground Floor, You Pretend To Be Asleep

Wherever a woman needs stimulation, a man must offer the same. If you treat her 'ground floor' as a dirty place that cannot be touched, then you're bad in bed!


You Sleep Soon After That

Some men shamelessly sleep soon after a few minutes of hard work. This annoys women as they expect cuddling and conversation after the act.


You Never Try Anything New

Without experimentation, your moves fail to excite her after a few years. so, keep innovating the moves. Otherwise, you're just bad in bed!


You Treat Every Session As An Exam

Romance is not a test to be passed. Nobody will give you a gold medal for doing it well. Removing that concept in your mind can make you a better lover.


You Never Tune Your Frequency

If you don't make any attempt to learn about her needs, you may never be able to perform well.

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