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Signs You Slept With The Right Person

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When you spend some time in the presence of the right person, you tend to get a kind of feeling. Your intuition says that he is meant for you.

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In the same way, when you make love with someone, the best way to know whether you have done the right thing or not is by trusting your gut feeling or intuition.

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What does it say? Do you regret what you have done or do you feel happy for what you have done? Well, there are some signs that indicate you have really slept with the right person.


Sign #1

You don't feel guilty. Yes, this is the first sign. Do you feel happy or guilty? Generally, when we do something against our inner equilibrium, we tend to feel guilty. So if you are not feeling so, then you must have done with someone that your heart trusts.


Sign #2

You say 'I love you' during the steamy session in bed. Sometimes, tears of joy may also come.


Sign #3

Every kiss tends to be passionate. This is one sign that both of you are into each other.


Sign #4

You want to prolong every session as much as possible. You don't want it to end so soon, as you are deeply in love with that person.


Sign #5

You never bother about your looks or hair or makeup when you are around him. You don't feel conscious.


Sign #6

You never think twice to sleep naked with him. This is one sign that you are very comfortable with him.


Sign #7

Every day, you'll try to finish your work on time just to keep some free time for the next session with him.


Sign #8

You crave his/her company more than sex. This is one sign that you have been sleeping with the right person.

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