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Signs You Enjoyed Last Night With Him!

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Sometimes, some things really shake us up. One good example is an awesome love making session. When something stimulates your whole system, your senses go berserk.

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In fact, that is the best way to know that you have really enjoyed the whole episode with him. Your body will try to tell you that it is totally happy with him through many signs.

Pleasure is nothing but your body's way of experiencing bliss in this world. And craving is nothing but you body's way of telling you that it wants more of that bliss.

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Yes, that is one of the signs you have enjoyed the last night's episode with him. You tend to crave for more and more. And what else? Read on...


You Fantasise Your Partner The Whole Day

Of course, nothing else will come to your mind the next day. You'll obsessively think about last night and what all you did before you broke the bed.


You Start Dreaming About Your Future With Him Or Her

Of course, it is quite natural to feel like prolonging any pleasure. So, marrying him or settling down with him are some obvious thoughts that might hit your head.


You Feel Like Throwing A Party To Your Friends

When you are too happy enjoying that euphoric state, you tend to feel like throwing a big party to all your friends to share the joy that you're experiencing.


You Lose Interest On Work

That day, you might not be able to focus on your work even for a single minute! You'll hate your job for a while and would wait till the evening just to go home and think about him again.


Your Face Glows

Everyone around you will keep asking you why your face is glowing! Yes, when you experience a sense of joy, your skin tends to glow and radiate like a light source. Your near and dear ones would easily understand that you've had fun.


Life Seems To Be Very Beautiful

All of a sudden you find life meaningful and beautiful. You'll jump in the air out of joy you're experiencing.


You'll Plan For The Next Session

You'll eagerly look forward for the next encounter. You'll also start planning crazy things to do in bed when you meet him again.

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