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How Often Do Married Couples Make Love

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Frankly speaking, there is no single answer to this question, as it varies from couple to couple. Also married life spans for decades. And attraction and stamina fade with age. So, the frequency in the beginning would be more and gradually, it may decrease.

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That is why young couples may give one answer and matured couples may give another answer for this same question.

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Apart from all these factors, other factors like ups and downs in one's career and having children also influences the frequency of love making in couples. Added to this, if the woman is also working then it could further bring the number down. Read on...


Couples Below The Age Of 25 Years

Generally, young couples tend to make love more than 10-20 times a week! Yes, it is not abnormal as their age and their passion makes them go fast.


Very Busy Couples...

In a survey, extremely busy couples said that they made love 3 times a month. In this case, one of the partners is too busy with work or maybe out of the station most of the time.


Couples With Small Babies

The couples who have a very young baby reported that it is just 5-6 times a year! Well, there could be medical reasons behind this or maybe the baby needed more time and attention.


Matured Couples

Couples who're in their mid-thirties and forties reported that they would prefer doing it only once a week. Actually, once a week of intense love making could be enough to keep the bond strong.


Couples Of Arranged Marriage

Some of them openly said that they were forced to marry and hence didn't have really exciting bed room sessions and therefore kept the frequency to a minimum. And others said that real love started after an arranged marriage. Such couples reported frequent love making.


Eloped Couples

Some elope couples reported that they enjoyed love making only during the beginning phase as it felt exciting and adventurous. But later on guilt and depression starts setting in. That's when they reported that the frequency of love making dips a bit.


Evolved Couples

Couples who have been in love since long and have endured many ups and downs together admit that they care much about the frequency of lovemaking and gave more importance to what they feel like doing. In true love, everything is beautiful. How many times you do it never maters when there is love. The quality matters and the bond matters!

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Story first published: Saturday, April 30, 2016, 14:29 [IST]
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