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How To Deal With A Rude Girlfriend

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Some people are misunderstood as rude due to their straight forward nature. In fact, being straight forward is a good thing. If your girl friend is someone who is direct in her expression, you don't need to worry much.

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Well, but when she is rude, you may get hurt now and then. That scares you and confuses you. Well, if you are doubtful whether to take things further or back off, then first analyse her qualities better.

Some people are rude because of their wish to dominate others. Some people are rude as they are deeply hurt inside. And there some who are rude just to protect their delicate feelings.

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Often delicate people who just wear a mask of rudeness are not a threat to you. Read on to know more....


Is It Her Attitude?

People who are power hungry carry an attitude that could hurt others. If your girlfriend tries to be the dominant partner with her rudeness then you might get stuck in an unhealthy place. But if her rudeness is just a layer of protection, she never carries an attitude that hurts you.


Try To Shower Love And See

Generally, women who are delicate inside their hearts and rude only on the surface need lots of love. Shower love and see. If she quickly shows her delicate side then you are with a beautiful heart. But when you show love, if she behaves as if you owe her more, then you are with someone who is power hungry.


Does She Have A Childish Side?

Generally, egotistic people are very careful about their image as they live in delusions of power. When both of you are spending time together, notice her behaviour. If she acts like a child and displays innocence then you can understand that her rudeness is only on the surface. But if she constantly tries to be the ruling hand even during normal times, then her rudeness could scare you in the long run.


How Arguments End

A power hungry person never wants to lose in an argument. Does she argue endlessly to support her point? Or does she try to stop an argument when it goes beyond control? Well, a delicate woman tries to make you smile to end things favourably even after an argument. That is the difference.


Does She Forgive Easily?

Mistakes do happen. The ones who forgive easily are pleasant people to be with. If your girlfriend is power hungry, she tries to use every failure of yours against you. But a delicate woman would easily forgive you though she may sound rude for a moment. That is the difference.


Are You Being Accused?

Power struggles in relationships are ugly. If your rude girlfriend is constantly accusing you, pointing fingers at you, finding faults with you, trying to make you feel guilty and trying to control you then you must worry but if her rudness is just a self-defense mechanism then you can gradually help her get rid of her rudeness.


When In Doubt Love!

If you want to test your girlfriend, just love her more intensely and see. A power hungry woman will treat you like a slave for doing so but a delicate woman suddenly becomes a child and moves towards you for a hug.


Love Is The Best Medicine

In fact, all kinds of behaviour is nothing but a person's unconscious need for love. Even the power hungry people are just craving for love just like any of us. The same applies to delicate people who wear the mask of rudeness for self-protection. When you show more love, many problems can be solved. But the only problem with power hungry people is that their demands could be endless and that is why generally, people around them try to keep away from them.

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