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Why Chick-Magnets Are Unhappy

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At a young age, every man tries to be a chick magnet. What does the term chick-magnet mean? Well, it is a term used to refer to a man who has the potential to attract many women just like a magnet attracts iron.

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Every man would like to brag about his attractive potential and therefore feels like turning into one big magnet. But later on, a stage might come when that very quality may makes him unhappy.

Young men generally sit and discuss about only two things. How much one earns and how many women one can attract. Gradually, men start exaggerating their achievements just to feel good and look great in the eyes of peers.

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That is how the desire to become a play boy or a chick magnet starts in men. They would like to look like a hero in the eyes of their fellow men. But what happens after that? Read on to know....


Your Career Gets Affected

Womanising turns into addiction like any other pleasure. Any pleasure dulls your mind and makes you lazy. So, your career may get affected as you seldom feel like working hard when you always think about women.


Your Partner Always Suspects You

If you have a girlfriend, she will always keep an eye on you and suspect you every moment even when you are staying honest. Not her fault! Once you get the image of a chick-magnet, life will be like that!


Your Dream Girl Would Reject Your Proposal

Of course, which woman would like to live permanently with a man who makes her feel insecure by flirting with other women? So, your girlfriend may reject you!


Only Physical Pleasures Seem Meaningful To You

When the love of your life rejects your proposal, you may again turn to sleeping with strangers and this may disturb your life more.


Gradually All Your Girlfriends Get Married To Other Men

When a lot of women surround you, it is natural to think that they are all in love with you. But one fine day, they all would marry someone else and move on in life! They won't marry a man who is stuck up with magnetism.


You Grow Old Single

When you try to go at least for an arranged marriage, the parents of the woman would perform background checks and may reject you as they get scared to give their daughter to a man who has a reputation of a womaniser.

This way, certain things could affect us if we fail to control obsessions and addictions.

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