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When To Kiss Your Girlfriend


Men generally feel stressed up and tensed when it comes to dealing with the first kiss. They try to practice a lot and over think about it before a date.

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Almost every man will have at least 2 or 3 failed kissing attempts in the past. That makes them more stressed out and tense before a date.

But kissing is more about expressing your love and you will get it right with someone who is willing to accept your love. There is no right or wrong way of doing it and there is no right or wrong time to kiss if you are in deep love.

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But what if you are not sure whether your girlfriend is really ready for a kiss? Read on...


Fact #1

When to kiss your girlfriend? Well, when she is ready for it; when both of you feel that it is time to kiss, you can expect it to happen. You can't move closer to her unless she allows you to come!


Fact #2

It depends more on the mood and situation. Some situations have all the favorable conditions and you can effortlessly kiss her whereas some situations and moods may not be stimulative enough. Trying to kiss may backfire on such occasions. So, don't do that!


Fact #3

Get used to a hug first. You can't kiss someone without even getting comfortable touching them. So, wait till she feels comfortable hugging you.


Fact #4

Estimate her interest levels. Notice her body language and see when she is coming close to you or moving away from you. Your kiss should be timed when she seems to be comfortable in your presence. Your attempt may succeed when she puts her face closer to your face during conversations.


Fact #5

Did she ever touch you? Is it just a casual touch or is she comfortable touching you in an intimate way? You will be able to know.


Fact #6

Some women express their desire to be kissed by looking into the eyes and then staring at your lips and again into your eyes. If that happens, you can get ready to kiss her.


Fact #7

Even if you are about to kiss, don't do it directly. Touch her chin, move your fingers on her cheeks and do certain small things that build up the tension and pleasure before you gently touch her lips. Doing such things before a kiss can also give you time to see whether she is rejecting your moves or enjoying them.


Fact #8

When to kiss? Well, when you get the chance to hug her passionately, you can kiss your girlfriend.