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Smells That Arouse Women

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Your nose has an important role in many areas of your life. Imagine the experience you get when you sniff the aroma of spicy food when you enter your dining room. You feel good and your appetite gets stimulated right?

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In the same way, smells play a very important role even in the bed room. In fact, some smells excite a woman very fast. Many different smelling experiences are stored in the brain but once the nose senses an erotic smell, it quickly stimulates the whole body.

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In fact, many studies also claim that people who have nose problems may take more time to get aroused which explains the role of nose in your bedroom.

Also, two partners communicate with each other through smells and body odours too. Read on to know more....


Fact #1

95% of women get aroused when they sniff a healthy man's body odour (partner). No other perfume can make the experience better for them.


Fact #2

Many men and women admitted in a survey that sniffing the undergarments of a partner can instantly turn on. In fact, many couples feel good sniffing each others' underwear before a love making session.


Fact #3

Smells emitted from the chest, armpits and genitals can arouse women faster. Without those smells getting into the mood could get difficult.


Fact #4

Some women feel good with the smell that the body emits after a love making session. In fact, their sweet memories with a partner are linked to such smells.


Fact #5

Apart from smells, that arouse women, there are smells that entice them. Mild floral perfume emitting along with the body odour can also make them feel good.


Fact #6

Women in general love the smell of coffee, bread, fresh food etc. But do those smells turn them on? Well, Many women who participated in a survey said that lavender and jasmine smells stimulate them more. Maybe the primitive side of the woman's brain has something to do with such fragrances.

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