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What Happens When Your Crush Touches You

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What happens when your crush suddenly touches you? All of a sudden when a sudden jolt of current passes through your system, what would happen? You will be shocked and may lose your life, right?

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But when a crush touches, you won't die but would feel the shock in a pleasant way! It stirs your entire system and gives you a jolt that shakes you up for good.

And then many other chemical reactions take place in your body. Your thoughts start racing and your heart starts beating fast.

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You will lose track of time and your family will lose hope on you. You will go crazy for a while and....and then, what happens? Read on to know more....


You Will Lose Sleep

This is the first reaction. As your entire body is highly excited with the sensations of shock that are unable to digest, you will fail to fall asleep. You tend to toss and turn on bed, but won't be able to sleep.


You'll Lose Appetite

When your entire being is vibrating with feelings of joy, how will you feel hungry? You will skip food for a day or two when you are unable to come to terms with the sudden ecstasy that you just felt.


You Might Experience Elevated Moods

As a touch of a loved one heightens the levels of feel good chemicals, your moods tend to dance for a while. Be very careful as you may hit depression soon after the supply of feel good chemicals runs out. Stay grounded before you pin hopes.


You Will Start Day Dreaming

As you won't feel like doing anything else, you will sit and start day dreaming about a beautiful relationship with your crush. This is normal, you don't need to go to a doctor but ensure that you plan only realistic things to avoid disappointments.


The World Looks More Beautiful

All of a sudden, this bad, mad and cruel world starts looking very beautiful to you. You tend to embrace positive thinking as you will hope only good things for your future.


You Will Become Sensitive

Your arrogance and harshness will come down a bit as you will understand that love is important for that crush to enter into your life.


You Plan To Settle Down

You will finally feel like putting an end to your single-life. You will suddenly feel like starting a family and making babies.

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