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Signs He Is A Casanova

What if the man you're dating is a Casanova? Well, what does Casanova mean? A man who masters the art of attracting or seducing women and enjoys multiple relations either secretly or openly is called a Casanova.

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The problem with such men is that they desert women when they are forced to start a relationship. They keep moving form one woman to another and never plan to settle down with any.

If your boyfriend is a Casanova, you will gradually be repelled by his actions and might want to move away from him instead of starting a relationship with such an unstable man.

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To know whether he is one, here are a few signs....


He Shows Interest In Other Women

Though he is in a relationship with you, he still tries to get close to other women at parties and other social events. This shows that he just craves to be round good looking women all the tome.


He Smiles At Every Woman He Comes Across

When both of you are walking, he smiles at every woman he comes across on the way as if he wants to maintain a friendly bond with all women in the locality. In fact, this is true. Such men do maintain a cordial relationship with all women around them.


He Tries To Get Close To Your Female Friends

When you introduce your female friends to him, he will start trying to get close to them. It may embarrass you.


He Showers Lots Of Affection But Seldom Proves It

When you question him. He will go to any extent to prove that he is deeply in love with you. But those are just words; in actions, he does nothing for you.


He Doesn't Answer Calls On Time

Most of the time, he never answers calls or texts on time as he could be busy making out with other women.


He Comes Up With Suspicious Excuses

When you confront him, he keeps giving silly excuses. Though you corner him, he will just try to escape.


He Never Allows You To Touch His Phone

As his phone contains his chats with other women, he never allows you to touch his phone. He behaves as if his life is inside that gadget.

Story first published: Monday, March 21, 2016, 20:10 [IST]
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