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Mind-Blowing Facts About Foreplay

Every step you take in order to arouse desire in your partner before you get into the actual act can be termed as foreplay.

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Foreplay is a part of human bed behaviour. There are a series of physical and emotional acts that tune the moods of both the partners.
The aim of such an act is to reduce inhibitions in each other and enhance the participation in the romantic activity.

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Foreplay is important as it develops intimacy and opens up the couple to the actual act. It helps the couple reach orgasm faster. Yes, there are still debates going on about the importance of foreplay vs. duration of the intercourse.

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Though most of us engage in foreplay, there are some facts which most of us aren't aware of. Let us discuss about them.


Fact #1

Just before a workout, you tend to warm up and stretch. Foreplay is exactly that. Before lovemaking, foreplay works like warming up.


Fact #2

A new study reveals that women get aroused by foreplay more than the actual act. In fact, foreplay can prepare the whole system for the actual act.


Fact #3

In a new study, 91% of men said that they get a high when woman initiate the foreplay.


Fact #4

In another survey, 65% of women claimed that they enjoy 'chore-play' more than foreplay. The word 'chore-play' was first used by an author to indicate chores that are done by men at home. For example, a husband washing dishes to please his wife is chore play that gives the woman a high.


Fact #5

Researchers say that many aspects can play a role in foreplay. For example, you can decorate the room, fill it with flowers and scents that arouse a woman. Even music can arouse. In fact, tasty food can act as foreplay. Give a woman a chocolate in bed and see how she reacts.


Fact #6

Many women admit that they cannot reach orgasm without foreplay. And this could be the reason why most of the women admit that they experience orgasm very rarely (as men seldom focus on elaborate foreplay).


Fact #7

Foreplay is not only about stimulating each other's' body. It also involves stimulating the other person's mind and this is how even intellectual foreplay works for some.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 23, 2016, 6:02 [IST]
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