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Things You Don’t Owe Your Partner

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Love makes us blind. We tend to cross all our limits to make our partners happy. This can mean that we do everything that they expect us to do.

Be it from choosing their likes and dislikes about our clothes to their choice of food selection. We tend to get more inclined about their likes and dislikes. In this process, we tend to forget who we really are and what our own likes are.

In this article, we are here to share some of the things that you do not owe your partner. These are the things that are important for you as an individual; and no matter what, you cannot compromise or adjust with these things even for your partner's sake.

Being in a relationship does not mean that your partner has the right to change you. If you let them take over you, then you have nothing good happening in life.

Read on to know about these things that you do not owe your partner and do put your feet down and take a stand on your individuality.

"Me" Time
No matter how "lovey dovey" you are with your partner, there are times when you actually need to have some "me" time alone. This is not only good for your health, but is also good for your relationship as well. When you are together for a very long time, you fail to realise how bossy or nagging your partner is. Instead, take some time off from them and go pamper yourself in a spa or just have a walk in the park.

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Saying "Yes" Under Pressure
You may not be happy with the decision your partner has made, but still end-up telling them a yes when you are totally dead against it, is something that you must not have done. Remember that your partner cannot control over your decision-making skill, according to his/her needs. Have your own dignity and do tell a "No" when you think it is wrong.

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Cannot Control Dreams
Your career, dreams and goals define you as an individual. You cannot let your partner control these things for you and make you a person whom they desire to be with. If they are not happy to take you as how you are, you might be in a wrong relationship.

Cannot Control DreamsCannot Control Dreams
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Right To Break Your Heart
Being in a relationship means having mutual love and respect for each other. It does not mean that you give them the permission to walk all across your heart and soul. If you think your partner is dominant in this and they break your heart when they're angry, it is time that you make them taste their own medicine.

Right To Break Your Heart

Controlling Money
Never commit this mistake of letting your partner take charge of your bank balance. This is something very crucial that you do not owe to your partner. Money matters do spoil the relationships, so it is better you let it stay away from your relationship.

If you have any suggestions, do share them with us in the comment section below.

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