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Signs You Have An Intellectual Crush

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What's the meaning of 'intellectual crush'? Generally, we get attracted to looks. But when you get attracted to someone's intelligence or wisdom irrespective of the person's looks, it can seen as an intellectual crush.

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Yes, most of us do experience such a phenomena at least once in a lifetime. Either in your college or in your workplace, you might have come across someone who really made you go bonkers with their intelligence.

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And yes, when women display extraordinary levels of intelligence in a conversation, men really go into trance. Wondering how? Well here are some signs.


When She Talks, You Get A High

The moment she starts speaking about deeper topics of life and starts displaying her command and knowledge over many areas of life, you get a high and feel like spending more time with her just listening to her. This is the first sign.


Her Nerdy Looks Make You Crazy

Though she has average looks, you suddenly perceive her as the most beautiful woman on the planet. This is one sign you are into her just because of her intelligence.


Whatever She Says Means A Lot

You never contradict whatever she says. That's because she looks like a goddess of knowledge to you. So, whatever she says is correct to you. This is another sign.


She Is An Icon For Intelligence

You treat her like a walking encyclopedia and the supreme power of your life. She becomes the center of universe for you.


You Want To Make Love To Her Intelligence

Sometimes, you have weird dreams about her. Yous secretly want to sleep with her only because of here intelligence. Isn't that crazy? But yes, its a sign.


Other Beautiful Women Fail To Turn You On

Even though you are surrounded by many beautiful women, your thoughts revolve around your nerdy heroine.


You Feel Very Conscious To Approach Her

Yes, as you see yourself as a Dumbo in front of her, you fear that she will reject your proposal. That makes you nervous to approach her.

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