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7 Ways Women Cleverly Tempt A Man

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Did it ever happen to you? Well, you start talking to a woman for a few days or weeks. You tend to dream about her. You secretly fantasising for her.

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Gradually, you tend to pin your hopes on her. You also see a beautiful future with her. That is what makes you advance further. All of a sudden, one fine day, the woman suddenly shocks you by saying that you are just a friend and nothing more.

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Well, that would be the shock of your life because you have already pinned hopes on her since quite some time. Well, you might have mistaken her. Just because she was close to you, it doesn't mean that she is interested in you.

Now, let us discuss some more examples.


I Always Treated You Like A Brother. You Misunderstood Me

When a girl whom you have tried to get close to ties a 'rakhi' and treats you like a brother, you tend to get the shock of your life. But you wear a smile to cover it up!


You Are Just My Friend! You Misunderstood Me

After many days of close friendship, if a woman says that she always treated you just like a friend, you surely feel like an idiot but you have no choice except to move on.


I'm Already Married!

So, you thought she was unmarried and ran behind her. She too smiles and speaks to you for a few days and think she's interested. One fine day, she reveals that she is married after looking at your weird moves.


I Was Just Casually Talking To You, That's It. You Misunderstood Me

If you are nice speaker, women tend to get interested in talking to you. If you get carried away and pin hopes on them. They'll shock you one day saying that they are just casually talking to and that's it!


I Was Just Showing Sympathy To Help You Out. You Misunderstood Me

Also, never misunderstand sympathy. If a woman is helping you, it doesn't mean that she wants to sleep with you. So, don't be shocked when she reveals that its just sympathy and not attraction.


I Only Care For You. And You Thought Its Love.

A woman with a kind heart, tends to care for everybody around her. So, never think that she is giving special interest to you. If you do so, she may enlighten you one day saying that its just care that she is showing and not love.


I Want A Relationship, But Not You.

This would drive you crazy. Such incidents happen when you try to cross your limits with a woman who is friendly with you. Console yourself and try your luck elsewhere.

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