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Signs She Is More Than Just A Friend To You

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It happens to some of us. We make friends with someone and gradually, the connection deepens and develops into a bond. And from that point, it is no longer a friendship. It is more than that.

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But it is difficult to put that feeling into words because you tend to feel some kind of affection and attachment developing towards that person and you seem to feel that it is impossible to live without that person.

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The limitations of friendship would then start dissolving and you might start treating that person as a soul mate. Did it ever happen to you? Well, here are some of the signs of such a relationship.


You Talk To Her Every Day On Phone

Talking to each other on phone becomes a daily ritual. And you don't regret that! This is one sign that you're getting comfortable with a friend.


You Share All Your Secrets

As the proximity increases, you tend to reveal your secrets to her without thinking twice!


You Are Protective About Her

You feel as if it is your duty to protect her. This is one sign that she is more than just a friend to you.


She Might Feel Jealous If You Are Close With Other Girls

When you spend time with any other girl, she feels ignored. This is one sign that she is more than just a friend.


Your Problems Worry Her

She starts taking special care. If your mood is off, she tries to know about your problems.


Her Friend Talks Bad About You But She Still Sticks With You

Slowly, her friends will try to eat her head saying bad things about you. But still, she prefers to be with you.


You Go Out For Lunch Together

Having lunch together becomes a regular thing and you treasure all those moments.


One Fine Day, You Feel Like Kissing Her

At this point, you can conclude that you have feelings for her. Tell her openly and see what she has to say.

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