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Signs You’re In One Sided Love

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It happens. Sometimes, you are head over heels in love with someone, but you don't get the same intensity from the other party. That is what makes you wonder whether you're in a one-sided relationship.

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Generally, it is better to detect certain signs which indicate that you're in one sided love, during the initial stages itself so that you can opt out of the relationship, before your emotional investment goes high.

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They say that there are plenty of fish in the pond. When you are not happy with what you are getting in a relationship there are always ways to communicate the same with your partner and choose your way out. Now, here are some signs you must notice.


She Doesn't Respect You

In spite of all the attention and care you give, if she doesn't show any respect then it could mean that you are loving her from your side but she doesn't care much about you.


She's Emotionally Unavailable

True love erases the distance between two people. If she is always emotionally unavailable to you even when you are in her presence then there could be some strong reason behind that. Is it one sided love?


Too Many Rules

If she tries to keep so many impractical rules to pursue her and tries to drive you away at the slightest inconvenient situation, then you might need to think twice.


She Tries To Use You

If you are wealthy or privileged and if she is using your resources instead of showing you love, then you might need to worry whether there is any love in your relationship.


She Comes Up With Excuses

Whenever you try to take her out, she would give you excuses just to escape. She doesn't really want to give her time for you.


She Maintains Secrets

She never tells you who calls her midnight. She never tells you about the guy who constantly meets her. She simply pretends that he is just a casual friend though there seems to be more than that.


She Shouts At You Frequently

When she is not whole heartedly in the relationship she never hesitates to insult you or shout at you.

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Story first published: Monday, March 28, 2016, 5:03 [IST]
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