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Reasons Why She Does Not Let You Touch Her Phone

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Our phone is the biggest asset that we have, well, at least in today's world! There are so many hidden secrets that we store in our phone. From our bank details to the secret admirer talks, we have everything stored on our phone.

If somebody gets a hold of our precious device, we turn into a spring and jump out to snatch our phone back from the person's hand. This is a genuine reaction any person would give, even if they do not have any secrets to hide from anyone.

This kind of a reaction always leads to arguments and suspicion. One needs to remember that these kinds of unintentional acts will only ruin a healthy relationship.

Dear men, in this article, we are about to share some of the reasons why your girlfriend does not let you to touch her phone.

The reasons mentioned in this article will give you a clear idea about the thoughts a person has regarding their phone and, most importantly, about their privacy. Read on to know more about these reasons.


BFF Talks

A woman would have shared the most darkest secrets with her BFF and that is something that she would wish her man to never know. It can be anything and she'd usually want to avoid sharing it with you.


Unflattering Pictures

Women love taking pictures. It is not necessary that they need to share everything with you. We're sure there would be pictures of her, in which she is not looking her best and yet has still stored them in her phone. So, keep away, dear men!


Scared Of The Hacking

There might be something that she wishes to hide from you. Be it a chat or certain messages. She would be scared that her boyfriend might hack her phone and get her dirty secrets out, hence doesn't let you touch her phone.


Misusing The Phone

This is something that usually does not happen; but if your partner is a mischievous one, they might type some nuisance on your wall, which could be quite embarrassing for sure. Hence, may be, your lady love wouldn't want you to mess around with her phone.


Keeping In Touch With Somebody You Hate

This somebody may be either her ex-boyfriend or the guy whom you hate the most and wouldn't want to see your girlfriend chatting with. Even a formal chat might trigger you in a very bad way, which is why your girlfriend does not let you touch her phone.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 9, 2016, 17:08 [IST]
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