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Is Your Date A Hit Or A Flop?

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Before a date, you tend to feel anxious, curious and exciting. And once you meet that person on the first date, you tend to feel very concerned about how you look and what kind of impression you give to the other person.

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And then, your talk starts and you try to penetrate into each other's hearts and souls. You try to exchange views and opinions about life in general.

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During the whole process, your subconscious minds are busy scanning each other in order to come to a conclusion after analysing certain things. Finally, how to know whether your date is a hit or flop? Read on...


Did He Or She Reach On Time?

There could be many reasons for being late on a first date but when a person reaches on time it speaks volumes about his or her interest in meeting you. This indicates whether your date is a hit or a flop.


What Did You Order?

And then the food that you order comes into the picture. You can order your favourite dish and he can order his favourite dish; there is nothing wrong in it. But if he says that he wants to try something of your choice, he is interested to know about your food choices. Your date is a hit!


Did He Look Into Eyes When You Talk?

When the conversation started, was he distracted or was he looking into your eyes to read more than what you reveal? If he stares deeply into your soul he is trying to connect to your soul.


Did He Or She Brag About Anything?

In the first meeting, if he tries to brag about his achievements then it could bore you. Also, if you try to talk big of your life, then it could bore him. Only when both of you have a simple down-to-earth honest conversation, your date could be declared a hit because all illusions will eventually fade away and therefore, there is no use telling lies or bragging.


Was He Or She Open About Feelings?

Did he say that he likes you at least once in the conversation or was he only interested to see how much you like him? Remember this: attraction should be mutual. Only then your date is a hit.


Did He Try To Pay The Bill?

Any man would generally offer to pay the bill himself. It's a natural quality. If he waits for you to pay the bill then think again.


How Did You Feel?

Putting aside what you spoke with him, ask yourself how you felt in his company. When two people feel positive and happy in each other's company even during their silences, then there would be long life to that relationship.


Did He Call Or Text Again?

After the date, did he contact you again? Did he say he liked your company? Or did he disappear? Or was he waiting for you to get back? All such factors declare whether your date is a hit or a flop.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 11, 2016, 8:02 [IST]
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