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Does Age Difference Matter?

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Does age difference play any role in relationships? Well, in some cases, it doesn't but in some cases, it will. But we can't generalise anything basing on certain common factors.

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Many couples did really well in spite of the age difference due to their mutual love and respect. And then there are many other couples who failed in understanding each other due to the age difference.

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There are some hurdles. It all depends upon how you address certain issues and move froward in life. Now, let us discuss about those issues in this post.


Maturity On An Emotional Level

If your partner is too young then you may often feel that your partner is too immature for you. If she or he is always volatile on an emotional level, it could be taxing for you.


No Common Interests

Imagine that your girlfriend is 10-15 years younger than you. Your interests differ a lot. When you go out together, she will be driven in a different direction and you will be interested in something else. This may create conflicts later on.



If you are too young and your partner is too old then you may have to often face your partner's insecurities. If you are a young woman and your partner is an ageing man, he may always suspect you when you talk to any other man as he may have a feeling that he is old and unattractive.



Sometimes, the baggage is the issue. In some cases, young partners carry unnecessary baggage of the past due to immaturity and in some cases, old people who have a painful past tend to carry baggage and irritate their partners.


Energy Levels

Generally, young wives complain about the energy levels of their partners as they want some excitement in bed and they seldom get to enjoy it.


Medical Issues

It is quite natural to develop certain age related medical issues. And when your partner is ageing, you may have more concerns than one especially if the health of your partner is weak.


Intellectual Gap

If you have an intellectual bent of mind then your young partner might look like a dumbo and this makes the conversations between you harder.

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