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Is He Really Into You?

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Does he love me or does he not? This is something that goes on in every girl's mind, when she is dating somebody new. The curiosity builds up with every action and gesture.

But what if they leave you confused? If you are wondering how to find out if your BF is really into you, then this article is a perfect read.

Sometimes, words are something that will do the magic, while there are a few actions that are an easy give away. Since men are not so good in expressing their emotions, these pointers will give you an idea of where your relationship will head to.

Finding out about these little gestures will make you realise if he is really into you or if he's just playing around.

Since everything seems rosy initially in every relationship, these gestures will give you a hint if it would work or not.

We're sure this would bring a smile on to your face, as you can relate yourself to these points, in case you've already found the right one. So, find out more about these signs which signify if he is really into you or not.


He Is Proud About You

He is not afraid to take you home and introduce you to his family and friends. Check his smile while he introduces you to his friends. It is just priceless!


He Is Proactive

He is the first to make plans for the weekends and always comes up with new surprises every now and then. This is one of his ways to make you feel special and loved.


Body Language

Body language is the biggest give away to find out if he is really into you or not. Finding him looking at you or trying to hold your hand and, if comfortable, give a peck on your cheek are little ways by which you could tell he's into you. But, make sure it's always not about the physical stuff that he wants.


He Is Never Afraid To Make A Fool Of Himself

He will not shy away from making a fool out of himself, when it comes to you, as he loves it when he finds out that you're enjoying it every bit. All he wants at the end of the day is a cute smile from your side :)


He Actually Listens To You

A guy who likes you and wants to make the relationship work will surely make sure that he pays attention to you. He would listen carefully to the things that you would say. Even the dumbest of things can be shared with him, when you see that he really likes you.


He Believes In Your Dreams

He would not laugh about your future plans, even if they seem impossible. Instead, he would guide you or help you find ways to reach your goal. Hence, a guy would do all this only when he is totally into you.

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