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Rose Day: How To Give A Rose To A Girl

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Valentine 's Day is coming. It would be the right time to propose someone if you are really interested. So, you are a man who is interested in a woman in your workplace or your college.

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How would you start off? Well, give her a rose today as it is rose day. How to give a rose to a girl? It isn't really tough. But you may need to have the guts to approach someone and offer a rose without looking weird or creepy.

Firstly ask yourself some questions. Does she know you? Did she interact with you in the past? Is she single? Did she ever smile at you in the past? These questions are important as it isn't wise to scare a stranger by giving a rose.

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If you are almost clear that she is slightly interested in you then you can carry on with the process.


Sense Her Moods

Before setting out to give a rose to any girl, you must sense her moods. Is she in a good mood? Or is she upset or angry about something? Unless she is in a good mood, never attempt such a thing.


Open A Conversation

Okay, she's in a good mood; now you need to start a conversation that makes her feel comfortable in your company. Talk about something pleasant instead of negative things.


Praise Her

Soon after you start the talk, start praising her in a subtle way. Don't leave any opportunity to tell her how beautiful she is and how nice she is in every possible way.


Sense Her Reactions Again

If she ignores your praise, then she isn't really interested to get close to you. If she is happy with your words then you can take the next step.


If She Blushes, Give Her The Rose

If she turns pink after you have praised with genuine passion in your heart, quickly offer the rose that you are hiding in your pocket.


Tell Her How Much You Love Her

This is the right time to say how much you love her. But, get ready for her reaction. Don't worry about rejection. If you are polite enough, women don't disrespect you even when they reject you.


Hug Her Or Run Away

If she responds positively, gently hug her from the side. Don't hug from the front as you are still not too close to her heart. But if she rejects your rose, say sorry and run away!

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Story first published: Monday, February 8, 2016, 9:02 [IST]
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