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Famous Breakup Lines With Real Meanings

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Now that the Valentine's fever is our, it's time for the breakup season to begin!

When you have decided to part ways with your partner, there are certain things that you have in your mind.

Even if it is an ugly spat that your relationship ended on, there are few ways in which you can mellow down and not be so rude.

In this article, we are here to share some of the secret meanings behind using some of the common breakup lines.

There are few breakup lines, which we all have used at some point during our not-so-pleasing breakup days, but we are here to reveal the secret behind using these common breakup lines.

Read on and, for sure, you are going to relate yourself with these interesting lines. After all, it's not our intention to break their hearts before our breakup. Another reason being, we just want them out of our life without causing too much of pain.

So, check the interesting list that is mentioned below and see if you can relate to any of these.

"It's Not You, It's Me"
This is the most common breakup line that most of us have used. The secret behind using this sentence is that you do not wish to tell him/her that you no longer like your partner's personality, sense of humour and basically everything about them.

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"We're Just Too Different"
When you guys were in love, everything seemed to be perfect. However, when you chose to breakup, all you needed was a cheesy reason to call it off. Though this sentence makes no sense, you would still use it to call it quits.

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"We're Better As Friends"
This makes us wonder if we were really happy in the relationship or not. You may feel saturated about loving your ex as a lover, but still, you may need them around as your friend.

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"We Should Start Seeing Other People"
Though this sounds as a harsh slap on your ex-lover, it should not matter, as you have already decided to part ways and expressing it clearly should make them understand that you are already done with them!

"Need Some Space"
You may think that this is not a breakup line. But the actual reason to use this sentence is to make yourself understand that you are better off without them and you deserve much better. Generally, people who use this sentence have a breakup shortly after they get back from their break.

“Need Some Space”
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"You Deserve Better"
This is the most common dialogue that one uses during his/her breakup. By saying this, we actually want to get rid of them by not being rude on their face, so by bringing yourself down, getting rid of them is not such a bad idea after all.

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