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Chocolate Day: Why Women Crave For It

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Today is chocolate day. In fact, any woman in love would wait for this day. Are you wondering why? Well, may be even scientists can't understand the love affair between women and chocolate.

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Why try to even understand the relation between them? Overwhelm your women with lots of chocolates today and win her heart.
Just a few days before the most awaited Valentine's day, love is in the air and every action of yours should just 'up' the romantic mood.

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You clearly know that roses and flowers will never go wrong with any woman. In the same way, chocolates will never be rejected by women.
In fact, some surveys claim that girls love chocolates more than boyfriends. Are you not yet convinced? Well, read on to know reasons why you must give her chocolates today.


Chocolates Boost Her Mood Instantly!

Yes, she feels good every time she takes a bite. Chocolates have the properties to instantly make us feel good.


Chocolates Are Very Tasty

The unique taste of cocoa is almost addicting. In fact, even men love chocolates though they don't admit that.


They Stimulate Her

Just like caffeine, chocolate stimulates, boosts serotonin levels, releases endorphins and makes her enjoy the moment.


You Can Win Her Heart

When you gift a woman with lots of chocolates, your chances of winning her heart will increase. Didn't understand? Well, how would you feel when a woman suddenly gifts you with a race bike?


Chocolates Are Good For Bed Life

Many studies suggest that chocolates promote passion, love, romance and even sex. What else do you want? Shower her with lots of chocolates!


Kiss Vs. Chocolate

In a recent survey, women secretly admitted that they prefer a chocolate over a kiss whereas men admitted that they prefer a kiss over a chocolate!


A Chocolate Can Stabilise Her Mood Swings

Many married men admit that they use chocolate to control a wife's mood swings before periods. Well, whether that's true or not, there is nothing wrong in finding another reason to gift tons of chocolates to her.

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