Research: Men Who Don't Last Longer Are Better. Why?

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Now, men who don't last long in bed can have a sigh of relief. They can conquer inferiority complex after knowing about the results of a new study.

Yes, there are some women who prefer men who are average in bed compared to studs. Are you wondering why? Well, they have their own reasons for that.

Of course, this doesn't mean that women prefer failure in bed. It just means that average men who gradually find ways to improve themselves in bed are far better than men who are very good in bed. Read on to know the reasons why...

Are Men Who Don't Last Longer Better1

Reason #1
In a recent survey, where more than 765 women are asked to tell their opinion on men who perform well, 78% of them said that men who really last longer inside the bedroom are very bad outside the bedroom as they showed traits like aggression, anger selfishness and arrogance.

Are Men Who Don't Last Longer Better

Reason #2
In the same survey, women who had partners with average stamina levels said that they are very happy and satisfied as their men are helpful and caring.

Are Men Who Don't Last Longer Better3

Reason #3
Women whose partners didn't last longer reported that they spent more time cuddling and are happy. And women who had male partners who lasted long had one complaint. Their men simply wore clothes and moved on once the 'act' was over. No cuddling for them as men who spend tons of energy in the act either sleep or go out.

Are Men Who Don't Last Longer Better4

Reason #4
Some women also complained that their male partners who have good libido cheated them by sleeping outside marriage. Yes, men who last longer may experience temptations to stray out.

Are Men Who Don't Last Longer Better5

Reason #5
On the other side of the coin, women whose partners failed to last long, gradually worked on their stamina levels and became better with the support of their spouses. Yes, love can change certain things.

Are Men Who Don't Last Longer Better6

Reason #6
There are some theories which claim that there is a link between male ego and libido though there is not enough evidence for this. But as per what women say, we can understand that men who are supermen on bed carry their inflated egos with them. Such men may bore any woman after some time though they can be thrilling in bed.

Are Men Who Don't Last Longer Better7

Reason #7
Young women may vote for the thrills of the bedroom but after an age, women would want security, loyalty, and sincerity from a faithful man. Well, a superman in bed would want to have lots of fun everywhere on the planet and would laugh if anyone talks about being loyal or faithful. That could be one reason why women prefer average guys!

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