Why Past Matters In Relationship

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For a period of time, past relationships can haunt you. Experience from the past relationship need some time for fading. Usually, problem arises when you plan to go ahead with a new relationship. Experiences and memories, whether good or bad, will matter a lot in the new relationship. but does the past matter in relationships? There are at least 5 reasons to why past does matter in relationships.

Hidden issues of the past will emotionally trouble you and stops you from being happy. Most of the people re-live and re-play their old experience which will harm the relationship with new partner. Why past does matter in relationships?

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Usually some experience in our past relationships is hard to forget. This can affect your attitude towards the new relationship and can determine the chances of success. For instance, if you were betrayed or cheated by your Ex partner, you will expect the same from your new partner.

Does a partner's past matter? Experts say that the answer for why past does matter in relationships is psychological. Human mind keeps on connecting the past action with the present. Here let’s talk on the 5 reasons why past does matter in relationships.

Does The Past Matter In Relationships

Trapped In The Past:
If you are not able to come out of the past, this is one of the 5 reasons why past does matter in relationships. If you are such a person who still live in the past, you may have to struggle a lot in the recent relationship. Leave the past and focus on your current life.

Does The Past Matter In Relationships

Guilt Of Break Up:
After breakup, you may realize that the fault was on your side. This can haunt you forever in your life. This will create issues in the new relationship as you keep on blaming yourself and repenting your deed. This is another reason why your past experiences has a role in determining the success of the new one.

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Expectations Counts A Lot:
Your past experiences can design many unrealistic expectations in the new relationship. No matter whether you had a good or bad experience, you may expect the same in the new one to a certain degree. This is one of the reasons why past does matter in relationships. If you fail to get good experiences, you will regret leaving your ex.

Does The Past Matter In Relationships

Bad Experience And Its Anxiety:

As humans, we all are anxious about our future. We keep on thinking of the past and try to connect the future to these experiences. This happens in relationships as well. It prevents you from enjoying the happiness of current relation. This is one of the 5 reasons why the past does matter in relationships.
Does The Past Matter In Relationships

Along with the expectations and anxiety, people have a tendency to compare the past and present. Most of them re-live the past and want their partner to behave as their Ex. Stop comparing past experiences with the current and enjoy the freshness of the new.

Take out the past experiences from your life and enjoy the new relationship to make your life joyful and peaceful.

Story first published: Sunday, September 20, 2015, 20:02 [IST]
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