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Ways Shy Women Tests Her Man's Patience

By: Debdatta Mazumde
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Every woman is different from each other. But there is something in their nature which makes them the most mysterious creation of the God. Testing men and their patience is a trait of their nature It doesn’t matter if a lady is shy or not, they get immense pleasure at testing men’s patience and those tests also help them to choose the perfect man of their life.

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How women test men's patience? There are lots of ways shy women test the patience of men. The methods are completely invented by themselves. If you fall into their trap, you will lose the match. For example, your girl asks you “Where are we going on date?” Your answer should be, “It’s a surprise” or “You’ll see in minutes”. But if you give her “Wherever you want to go” type answer, she will think you as a person who lacks self-confidence. This is just one of the ways shy women test the patience of men.

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Many of you have experiences of how your girlfriend took time to tell the simple ‘Yes’ at your proposal. That’s just because she was testing how much you were into her to get her in your life. So, that is how women test men patience. Want to know more ways shy women test the patience of men? If you want to pass with distinction, follow certain ways-


1. Make You Jealous

Do you think she is getting much talkative to your friend at your presence? That can be to make you jealous. If you be so her mission is successful.


2. Too Much Time To Think

This is how women test men patience. Whether it is her consent at your proposal or just a movie date, she will keep you hanging around herself for days. Her ‘I am thinking over it' will never end until you show her your worth.


3. By Sentimental Means

You can face a gunshot but can't take the emotional melodrama of your better half. That they know very well. Still, it is the ultimate weapon she has. One fine morning she will tell you, "You don't love me anymore". She enjoys that clueless look on you.


4. Shopping Game

Here you need to be absolutely patient. If your girlfriend is shy she may not say "I want this or that", but she will sweetly tell you, "Look, what a wonderful top is hanging there". Your answer should be "Yes it is. We'll get it later".


5. Not Stating Anything Clearly

Remember she is a shy girl. So, she may not open up to you completely. You have to be patient enough to let her speak out or understand what she really wants, whether it is at dinner date or on the bed. It is time she tests your personality and attitude.

Here are some ways shy women test the patience of men. But these are not the only ways. As every girl is different from the other, she will come with new ideas everyday to test your courage, love, lifestyle etc. Though there is a fun factor in this, she does it to know her man the best she can. If she is satisfied with you, she can give you the love that you always crave for.

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Story first published: Saturday, September 5, 2015, 20:04 [IST]
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