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Things Girls Do After A Breakup

By: Padmapreetham Mahalingam
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You meet someone and love begins to blossom between you both. You begin to think that finally you are getting along with him immensely. Your relationship gets serious and all you can think about is that your future is going to be great with this person.

Then slowly everyday issues begin to crop up and you assume that it isn’t necessary to talk about this right now. Yet over a period of time, some of the issues become so big that you can no longer ignore them anymore and then you finally think of ways to end your relationship. So, at last your heart is being crushed by a guy who you felt could be the one.

Worst Ways To Break Up With Your Boyfriend

No matter how life goes, a break-up isn’t a joke. Break ups can be a pain in the neck and sometimes when we are in distress, we do things that can never be considered smart but can be just plain ridiculous.

There are some women who prefer not to have a break up since they are determined to make the relationship work even after it is strained. These women are scared to live a lonely life and feel that the only way they would be considered important is when they are in a relationship.

How Men Get Over A Break Up?

Even after the most amicable of partings, break-up just stings. If you are mourning the end of your relationship, here is a list of 12 foolish things most women do after a breakup. Just make sure you don’t make the same mistakes.

Funny Things That Women Do After Break Up

Spying Him On Social Media
Even after a break up you keeping looking at the picture of your ex on social networking sites. And then you feel completely hurt after he posts a picture of the new girl that he has started dating. It is better to stop checking photos of your ex.

It isn’t good to stalk an ex-flame on social media. If you are looking for ways to get over him, it better to just unfriend and delete him from your list of friends and remember not to look at his page anymore. Spying on him will only make things worse.

Funny Things That Women Do After Break Up

Try To Be Friends With Him
Your ex may be good or a cool person when you were dating him yet it isn't the same after a break up. Real friends talk about their personal lives with each other; however you can’t talk about your personal life with your ex as it would get out of depth.

It is not possible to be friends with your ex as there would be conflict of interest in your new friendship as you will not want him to start dating again.

Everyone thinks that the perfect remedy for your heart is to wail your heart out. However, this isn't true since it can definitely take a toll on your life. If you still feel miserable and still feel stuck in the crying stage then consider going for therapy to ease your heart break.

Funny Things That Women Do After Break Up

Get Drunk
Some women want to share about how they feel and for that they booze in order to lube the process. Women think it is great to get drunk and to vent out their frustration by texting him. They even think that they have handled the situation well. However, in the morning, things are not the same as you would feel like slapping yourself when you realise that you have made yourself look crazy.

Check Old Texts And Pictures
You have saved his old texts and you keep showing it to your friends and talk about the happy days you had spent with him. Sadly you haven't come to terms with the reality that those days are over and you need to snap out of it.

Looking back at a past relationship can only make every one sad and some women keep analysing what went wrong in their relationship after their break up. These are some of the funny things that women do after break up.

Rebound Relationship
You are trying to fix your broken heart that you end up going for a rebound relationship. Many women prefer to rush into new relationship or jump back into dating so that they don't have to feel lonely and miserable. Sadly, replacing him ASAP can never be a solution.

Badmouthing Your Exflame
One of the 12 foolish things that most women do after a break up is badmouthing their ex. Women who find it hard to cope with the break up would start to talk ill about their ex in an attempt to hurt them as they were wounded by them . They would try to sidetrack their feelings yet, this can never make them feel better or good.

Funny Things That Women Do After Break Up

Never Keep Him On A Pedestal

Even if you have got into a new relationship you still would prefer to compare every guy to your ex and think that no one can be better than him or match up to him. The worst foolish things most women do after a breakup is trying to put their ex on a pedestal.

Vent Your Frustration Or Find An Emotional Outlet

It is understandable to feel sad about certain happenings in your life. But never let everyone know every emotion that you are going through when you feel it by proclaiming it on your Facebook page or on Twitter.

Talking about the sadness in your life and showcasing these emotions in a public way can only make you feel like a loser when your friends or your ex sees these posts as they would start to judge you on this.

Reinvent Herself
Try something adventurous with their beauty routine. Sometimes women go for a drastically new hair cut or full sleeve tattoo or facial piercing just to reinvent themselves in a new way.

Lost Hopes On Love
Just because a past relationship turned out to be sour some women give up on love. You are angry, hurt or humiliated and take yourself out of the game.

Awful Poetry
You are feeling miserable after being dumped by a guy who you loved to the skies and now you would want to write an awful poetry about the pain and unfortunate rejection that you are going through.

Some women even try to publish it somewhere on the web so as to make their ex know about their pain. This is also one of the 12 foolish things most women do after a breakup.

Drives Around Her Ex's Abode
You can call this behaviour weird or crazy but this is certainly one of the funny things that women do after break up.

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Story first published: Friday, October 2, 2015, 20:00 [IST]
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