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10 Compliments That Will Make Her Blush

By Ajanta Sen

Do you know what are the things that women blush for? If you want to see a girl blush, you must be aware of some tips which are very simple yet quite effective. Every man has the quality to impress a woman, however sometimes he just doesn't know that what are the things that women blush for.

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Sometimes you may find it very awkward to say or do things to a girl you love. However, it is very important to show your love to someone you really love. Moreover, when you succeed in making a girl blush by saying or doing something to her, it also boosts your confidence level.

Follow the ten top tips to know what are the things that women blush for:


1. Impress Her Parents

Try to make an impact on her parents. Once they are impressed with you, they will start complimenting their daughter about her choice and she will blush and feel proud.

A little bit of courtesy and politeness in your behavior can help you get success in this regard. Once the parents approve you from their side, your girl will be on top of the world.


2. Tell Her That She Is The Most Beautiful Girl

Your girl will start blushing if you praise her about her beauty. Tell her that how beautiful features she has got which make her stand out among others.


3. Call Her Name In Public

Every man has a secret name for her woman which he uses to call her in private. Sometimes you can call her with her affectionate name like "Sweetie" or "Honey" in public and see how she blushes profusely.


4. Surprise Her With A Lovely Gift

If you want to impress your lady, you must know what are the things that women blush for. A gift on an occasion is always predictable.

However, if you surprise your lady with an unexpected gift, she will be bound to blush. You can buy her favorite flowers, her favorite colored attire or may be her favorite writer's novel.


5. Tease The Girl

Tease the girl in front of her friends, like altering her name a bit and make it sound funny. Most of the time, this trick works to make a girl blush. However, don't overdo it otherwise she may get irritated.


6. Gaze At Her

When you are with your friends and your girl is in the company of her own friends, stare at her and when she notices give her a grin or a wink and see her cheeks go red.


7. Pull Her Cheeks

Try pulling the cheeks of a girl. In 99 percent cases the girl will go red with a cute smile.


8. Make An Eye Contact

Show your interest in her by making a deep eye contact. If she is also interested in you she will blush for sure.


9. Flirt With The Girl

Flirting is an art and to impress a woman you must gain mastery on it. Some girls start blushing instantly when you flirt with them. Flirting is a fun and by knowing the acceptance level of a girl, you can step up the fun level.


10. Compliment Her

There are many ways to compliment a woman. Especially, when she least expects it and you compliment her, she is bound to blush. The effect might not be the same if she has been already expecting praise from you.

However, when you bowl her over with an unexpected accolade she will go red.

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