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7 Reasons To Date An Introvert

By Anirudh Narayanan

Dating can be quite confusing, what with all the terms, conditions and tantrums. But dating an introvert would be unlike any of the other dating experiences. Behind the mysterious, anti-social mask is a shy person who is ready to love you till the ends of time.

Love Advice For Introverts

Today we tell you why you should date an introvert. Read on.


He/She Has A Mystery About Them

Admit it! Mystery draws us in. We are all intrigued and all attention when a person is all mysterious. An introvert is by himself/herself most of the times. They don't let out their secrets at the drop of a hat. It takes time. The mysterious stranger effect should be enough to date an introvert.


He/She Will Never Pester You For Attention

Dating can be often strenuous, as your partner will often crave for attention. But dating an introvert has no such drawbacks. They are laid back and comfortable in their own skin. They will never pester you for attention.


He/She Knows Themselves Better

Shy and introverted people are often shunned by people. This gives introverts a lot of time to examine and understand themselves better. This habit makes them highly intuitive of other's emotions and also helps them understand their own emotions better.


He/She Won't Cheat On You

Introverts are rarely into other people. They are often involved in their own thoughts. So, if he/she says that they love you, they mean it. They wouldn't cheat on you for anything. Dating introverts can seem socially awkward but it does come with its perks.


He/She Will Understand Your Need To Be Alone

At certain points in our lives, each one of us has this urge to be alone. But we are always surrounded by people and the 'alone' part isn't quite possible. But being with an introvert you won't have this problem, as they'll sniff out your need for some lone time. Not everyone gets this and that's another reason to date an introvert.


They Are Great Conversationalists

Though they look quite out of place with their shy and reclusive attitude, introverts are quite often great conversationalists. While dating introverts you will be surprised by the knowledge they possess. You see, it is said that the most intelligent men are the most quite too. Seems to be true in their case!


He/She Is A Keeper

The final reason to date an introvert is that they are more than often, keepers. They are in it for the long run, usually ending in marriages. They are better lovers and don't come with terms and conditions. Their commitment is set in stone. Thus, if we could provide you one dating advice it would be to date an introvert. Go on, find yourself one!

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