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Reasons Why It's Not Okay To Date Your Best Friend

Here are some of the reasons why you should not date your best friend. It is just too awkward. Period

Dating can be fun, but it becomes a little dicey when you happen to fall in love with your best friend. Though, we come across people who say they have married their best friend, at the end of the day, it seems rather weird.

Experts suggest that dating a best friend can become successful only if both the partners feel the same way about each other. If one of the partners doesn't feel attracted towards the other one, it could result in love failure and the end of a friendship.

When it comes to dating, it is better to find someone outside the 'best friend' circle. It is always safe to protect your friendship, when you compare it to love. Saving a friendship is better off than protecting the matters of the heart.

So, if your best friend has recently asked you out and if you don't feel the same way towards him or her, be kind enough to explain to them that their friendship means the world to you. In this way, there are chances of the two of you moving on without any difficulty and any sign of awkwardness. On the other hand, Boldsky presents to you some of the reasons why its not okay to date your best friend. Why don't you take a look:

It's Awkward - Dating your best friend is extremely awkward, especially when it comes to getting intimate in the relationship. If your relationship with your friend has been good for the longest time and if that relationship turns to love, there is no way your going to feel good with your buddy in bed.

They Know Way Too Much - One of the reasons why you cant date your best friend is because they know way to much in your life. No doubt there will be great understanding, but there will be no secrets and new paths to walk on.

It Destroys Your Friendship - It can break the relationship you have with your buddy and if things don't work out for the best you might end up losing a best buddy and a lover.

You Can't Break Up - You can either make or break a relationship. God forbid, if there is a storm in your relationship, there will be great difficulty in letting each other go, even if it is for the best.

The World Will Talk - The world will talk behind your back when you begin to date your best friend, and this is something that makes it unpleasant for the ears.

You Will Have To Find Another Bestie - When you lose a best friend in a dating or love relationship, it will be extremely difficult to find another bestie to share the same experience

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