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Guests You Shouldn't Invite For Your Wedding

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Weddings.... it is one of the best days in a couple's life and every one who decides to get married, would dream of a perfect day. One of the many things that completes a wedding is the guests.

When a couple sits together to make a wedding guest list for both a small and big wedding, this process can get a little bit tricky.

As a couple, you want to invite all your nearest and dearest and you also want to be sure that no one will ruins your big day. Today, Boldsky shares with you a few wedding guests we think you shouldn't call to your wedding.  Take a look at the guests that should not be on that lucky wedding guest list:

People You Shouldn't Invite For Your Wedding | People You Shouldn't Invite | Wedding Tips For Couples

The Girl Who Wants All Eyes To Be On Her- It is one of those days when a bride wants all eyes to be only on her. If you invite one of those friends who love and seek for attention, she might ruin your big day. So, think again before you add her to the list.

Oopss.. The Ex - If you and the ex can get along well, without pulling each other's skin out, you can invite him or her. But, if the two of you ended on a bad note, it is advisable to keep the ex out of the wedding guest list.

Boozeeerss - Yes, we agree every wedding will have a slice of drama tagged to it. But, when a boozer is involved, he or she will surely cause a lot of tension in the crowd. Therefore, you either have no drinks allowed to your wedding or simply avoid calling that over priced alcoholic addict.

The Crazy Relations

The Crazy Relations - No doubt, you and I are blessed with crazy relations. They come for free! If you think they might be trouble on your big day, there is no harm in keeping them out from the wedding guest list.

The One Who Craves Your Beloved - There are a lot of crazy people out there and there are some who look forward to ruining your life. If you have friends who don't want to see you and your partner together, it is best to keep them out from the wedding. This is one type of guest you should not invite to your wedding.

The Wedding Crasher - Although you don't invite this person to your wedding, they can show up unannounced. If you don't want to ruin your wedding, simply ignore them. Also, let your guests know that they shouldn't bring along a relative or friend without asking you first.

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