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5 Simple Dating Tips For Nervous Guy

By Debdatta Mazumder

Dating is such a matter which creates fantasy in your head. If girls get nervous at the thought of first date, guys are also not behind them in stressing out about dating. Even the cool guy of your friend circle can have wet palms while going on a new date. What are the ways to overcome this nervousness?

While you date a girl for the first time, you definitely feel confusing what to do; how to place your hand this way or that, how to talk and most importantly, how to impress the girl. Therefore, some dating tips for nervous men will help you surely. Practically, if you are not nervous, the thought of first date and meeting a new people go on your nerves and make you feel awkward.

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Sometimes guys do such things that are completely unethical, especially on dates. Some use bad languages; some make haste in touching etc. Maybe they always don’t have bad intentions. It is the jumpiness that makes situation worse. So, pay heed on the tips for nervous men for dating. Though these are for nervous men, the cool and smart guys can also apply this to have better experience on your dates.

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Don’t Fantasise

Regard this as one of the most important dating tips for nervous men. While you're heading to a date, you meet a new person whom you don't know very well or at all. So, don't expect too much.


Control Your Limbs

Do you need effective tips for nervous men for dating? Then control your limbs. Yes, you're nervous inside. But continuously playing with fingers or banging the table or shaking your legs will irritate the girl. She may lose interest in you. Be calm and wear a smile.


Listen Carefully

Many guys find it difficult to what to talk. So, among dating tips for nervous men this will help you. Don't talk gibberish. If you can't find anything to carry on conversation, just listen carefully the girl. You'll get to know what she likes to talk. Go with the flow.


Choose A Decent Place

Sometimes the ambiance of the dating place can make you nervous. Don't go for very cosy atmosphere. Coffee shops or a park can be good for dates. Never forget to consult your date about the place. You can definitely include this as tips for nervous men for dating.


No Touchy Business

You may find it worthless, but remember maximum girls prefer to talk on the first dates than getting physical. If you're not on first date, respect the girl's point of view on this matter. This is one of those dating tips for nervous men who create mess while dating.

Hopefully, these dating tips for nervous men may help you to overcome your nervousness. Just don't panic about anything. Remember, the girl opposite you is also tensed to meet you for the first time. So, never do anything that makes her uneasy. If you feel comfortable you can make her feel easy to carry on your date smoothly. It is normal that she may not like you for the next and you may feel the same. But approach with a positive view.

Story first published: Wednesday, May 20, 2015, 20:04 [IST]
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