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5 Mistakes Every Girl Makes In Love

By Anirudh Narayanan

When we are young and foolish we commit several mistakes. We might call them experiences but those mistakes are living testimonies of the blunders you committed. Let us look at some of the common mistakes girls make in love.

Dating can be quite a tricky affair when you are young and the heart is crazy. But there are some classic mistakes which a girl should definitely avoid. Don't fall for the pattern. Find your way out of these usual pitfalls.

Ways To Balance Love And Friendship

Read on to find out the common mistakes every girl makes in love.

Taking Too Much Pressure
Love is supposed to be a pleasant experience. So, it's sad to see young girls sweat it out in bad relationships. The mistake these girls make in love is that they take too much pressure while in it. Love is much simpler when you communicate and remain playful.

Getting Physically Attached Even When They Don't Want To
Another mistake girls make in love is that they get physical with the guy even if they aren't comfortable. Getting intimate is bound to happen girls. You don't need to pressurise yourself to get laid, even if you don't want to. Say 'no', because if he really loves you he won't mind sticking around longer.

Try To Change The Guy
An important dating advice for girls is to not try and change your partner's character in any way. Unless and until he doesn't wanna change for himself he's not going to do it for you. Also, you fell in love with that guy for at least some of the qualities that you loved in him. So changing him isn't a bright idea.

Stop Being Friends With Other Guys
Girls, when you date a guy it doesn't mean that you should stop being friends with your other guy friends. It is a common mistake ever girl makes. A guy who is that possessive or insecure, doesn't deserve you.

Lingering On Even If She Doesn't Love Him Anymore
A final dating tip we would like to give to the girls out there is that if you don't love him, then tell him that. Don't make him an unsuspecting victim. Nobody deserves that. Life is too short to waste on a broken relationship. Tell him that the things aren't working out and you would like to end it.

Story first published: Tuesday, March 10, 2015, 20:20 [IST]
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