Are You In A Good Relationship?

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Many believe that healthy relationships or harmonious relationships need lots of work and constant effort. In fact, the contrary is true. Good relationships at least seem to be smooth flowing. Or in other words, you can say smoothly flowing relationships are better as they tend to last longer.

Why Blaming Each Other Never Works

But of course, even those relationships need effort but the thing is, effort will no longer feel like effort as you tend to contribute them with joy.

How To Deal With An Abusive Girlfriend

Well, how to know if you are in the right relationship? Firstly, know how to recognise an abusive relationship and stay away from such ties. Now, read on to know about healthy relationships.


You Never Hesitate To Talk Openly

If a relationship makes you think twice before opening up, then you don't have freedom. A good relationship gives you the room to be yourself.


You Enjoy Your Space

You give your partner her space and she gives your space. That would be an ideal relationship. When two people try to suffocate each other, then it isn't an ideal one.


You Quarrel Within Limits

It is quite natural to disagree. Quarrels do happen. But how you resolve them and how quickly you resolve them matters.


You Don't Hesitate To Consider Her Opinions

When you feel like considering her opinions over yours without any ego problem then, you are in the right relationship.


Comfort Zones

Even if she annoys or you annoy her, if you are still okay with it, then you are in a comfort zone.


You Tell All Your Secrets

There is no room for secrecy in good relationships. If you feel like hiding something from her then you are not totally trusting your relationship.


The Relationship Flows Effortlessly

Some relationships need lots of work whereas some flow effortlessly. The effortless ones thrive for longer.


Your Partner's Anger Never Intimidates You

When your loved ones are angry, you don't feel intimidated or insulted. If you are feeling so, then your relationship isn't an ideal one.


You Show Your True Self

You seldom pretend or wear a false mask when you are with a soul mate. This is one thing that proves that your relationship is a long lasting one.

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Story first published: Monday, September 28, 2015, 13:19 [IST]
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