12 Reasons Why You Should Date A Loner

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First of all, let us make it clear that we don't intend to glamourise 'a loner'. We just have to accept the possibility that not everyone is a social creature. Some just enjoy solitude. But that does not mean that loners live in a cave. Though Batman did live in a cave and he was pretty much of a loner [his butler Alfred, though an amazing guy, doesn't really make Batman less of a loner]. But he dated several beautiful women and some of them loved him even after they knew that they were dating a loner.

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So what exactly sets asocial or loners apart? First of all, they are lone wolves. Remember Edward from Twilight? Though the series wasn't exactly Pulitzer worthy, girls ended up drooling over Edwards' character. Though science has grown by leaps and bounds, it is still difficult to ascertain why girls fall for loners. But we are here to tell you why you should date a loner (unless he is an axe murderer).

Read on and find out.



Life is an unpredictable adventure for loners and "no plan" is mostly the "best plan". You will never be tied down to a routine. Each day will be whimsical, for you, as well as for him and dating a loner would be one of the best decisions you could make.


High desirability

He is least bothered about generating any attention towards him. He mostly wears black or shades of it. He is effortlessly desirable and though he seems to know it for a fact, he doesn't flaunt it. What can be more desirable than humility? Dating a loner perhaps!


Deep-lying mysteries

The characters mentioned earlier had a mystifying aura surrounding them. Be it Batman or Edward from 'Twilight', both had mystery working in their favour. Instead of dating an everyday Joe, you should unravel some of their underlying mysteries. It will be worth it.


Opposites attract

Quite often said and mostly true, opposites do attract. You might be the dancing & partying girl. And he's the guy who occupies the corner seat. But it is often seen that we are mostly completed by the shortcomings of each other. So, would you date a loner? The answer should be "hell yeah"!


He won't cling onto you

A lot of guys have a tendency to cling onto women, pretty much in the same way they cling onto their mothers. Loners will never cling onto you. They are busy with a book or a movie or a musical instrument that holds their fancy. Another reason to get into a relationship with a loner.


Limited but great friends

Asocial guys are often mistaken to have absolutely no friends at all. But that's so not true! They have some great friends, though limited but great nonetheless. They are reliable, loveable and fun to be with.


They are mostly into art

Though not always true, loners can be pretty adept at art of some sort. It can be painting, writing poetry, singing or any other art forms. Which girl wouldn't like a lover who will keep her alive forever through words or songs? Yup, you definitely should be dating a loner.


He won't cheat on you

Loners are weird creatures. Though they hate to be tamed into a relationship, once they are, they are extremely loyal. Loyalty can be a myth to some in today's world but loners would be too busy with you or their solitude to cheat on you.


He takes control

There are times when you'll be emotionally vulnerable. In times like these, he will swoop in and probably....... do nothing! Let's accept the fact that there are times when we want to speak about it and times when we don't. Being a lone wolf, he'll know if you want to speak about it or not. Before the feminists tear us apart, we have to say the situation can be vice versa. But being a loner, he deals with it much more easily.


He will never judge you

Loners don't give a rat's ass for perfection. They will never judge you for doing what you did. Even when everyone is critical of your decisions, he will stand beside you and not give it a shit. The reason could be that he knows what it feels like to be judged. So the real question would be, Why wouldn't you date a loner? You should!


Motorcycle dates

Ever wanted to cruise away on that early morning bike ride to nowhere? Lonely men have a constant machine, which keeps them company. A bike or a car which he personally takes care of. Another reason why you should probably date a loner!


Get all his attention

You'll be the centre of his universe. He'll constantly shower you with love and care. He is an excellent listener and you would never have felt better. Though he may seem distracted at times, but he is listening. Get into a relationship with a loner and get all his attention.

Story first published: Tuesday, January 6, 2015, 17:31 [IST]
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