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10 Reasons Why Women Leave Men

By A Mixed Nerve

We usually spend more time thinking about why men leave women because their reasons are more obvious. Why women leave men, on the contrary, is not always very clear. Women leave men for a multitude of reasons. But often it has been seen that women don't end the relationship for the most serious reasons.

For example, if you cheat on your girlfriend, she may or may not leave you immediately. But if you take your mother's side instead of hers, she will most certainly dump you. Why women leave men can thus be very confusing sometimes. Reasons why girls dump you can often be hard to figure out.

Some women stay with abusive husbands for years and some leave a good man just because they are bored of him. It is really hard to figure out why women leave men. However, if you observe the reasons why women end relationships, you might be able to arrive at a conclusive decision.

Here are some of the commonest reasons for which women cheat or leave men.

You Don’t Earn Enough

Shallow as it sounds, no reasonable woman would settle down with a man who does not make at least as much money as she does. Now, how much is 'enough' varies from woman to woman.

You Are Too Immature

Just like men look for their mother in their spouse, women look for their father in their husband. Thus, women do not like it when men behave immaturely. She might let it pass once in a while but your persistent juvenile behaviour will surely get you dumped.

You Don’t Encourage Her Career

Earlier, 'don't ask salary' rule applied only to men. But now women are equally competitive. So if you do not encourage her in her career or worse interfere with her work, then she will sweep you aside.

You Groped Her

For you, it was like taking the relationship to the next level but you moved too fast. So she thought you tried to take advantage of her and that scared her away.

You Popped The Question Too Soon

You asked her to marry you too soon and she thought that the relationship was heading at a break-neck pace. If she is uncomfortable, she will refuse you.

You Show No Intention Of Settling Down

You may have made it obvious to her that you have no intention of getting married. Women do not like to be in relationships that do not have a future. It makes them extremely insecure.

She Wants A Family And You Don’t

Women are very particular about their needs to have a family and kids. If she wants to have a large family and you can't stand the sight of kids, she will dump you. This is one issue on which women do not compromise.

Your Mom Might Have Pissed Her

Women believe that a man is as good as the mother who brought him up. So if she does not hit it off with your mom, she will most probably call it off.

She Is Moving Away For Work

If she loves you enough, she will ask you to move along with her. She might even give you time to find a job and relocate. But women do not really like to do the long distance thing for too long. So, if you don't move your ass, she will move on.

She Finds You Boring

Women get bored with good boys easily. That is why there is a famous saying that women always go for bad boys. If you are too much of a good boy, your girl might dump you.

These are the 10 reasons for which women mostly leave men. These are the most common ones that you will come across. Be subtle in your approach and remember time is the key. Be the best you and appeal your woman today to not let her go tomorrow.

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