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    10 Relationship Topics That Will Help Bridge A Communication Gap

    By A Mixed Nerve

    Are you running out of relationship topics to talk about? Do you find yourself wanting for incidents or interesting conversations to mend a communication gap? Well, this phase is quite common in a relationship with most partners facing similar communication dilemmas. Having healthy conversations is extremely imperative to sustain a healthy relationship. In fact, healthy and constructive conversations go on to define that tenuous disparity between a lively relationship and a boring one.

    When you are in a new relationship, it is easy to keep the flow going, for each of you will have a spate of questions for the other. If you are in a relationship that has remained healthy for quite some time now, silence would seem normal as ever. But sometimes, it makes you question the varying degree of silence that is part and parcel of every relationship. Now on questioning the silence, you might end up in a communication gap, something that isn't admired by either of you.

    relationship topics

    So, speaking of relationship topics to talk about, this article gives you formidable insight that will help you answer the questions: " what topics to talk with my girlfriend" and likewise, "what topics to talk with my boyfriend".

    Complimenting your partner

    Complimenting your partner isn't just something you must resort to if you are running out of relationship topics. Complimenting him or her on a regular basis will make way for a deeper and entrenched connection.

    Weekend Plans

    Planning is an exciting part of a relationship. Planning for the weekend can be something you can do if you are running out of things to talk about. Moreover, a good weekend plan will unfailingly bring the two of you together.

    Things That Happen At Work

    There will be something interesting to talk about work almost every time. Recollecting some funny incidents and discussing them is certainly a good idea.


    If that question, what topics to talk to girlfriend, or what topics to talk to boyfriend is still dogging your mind after reading the previously mentioned points, speaking about ambitions is a wonderful way to bring your girlfriend or boyfriend closer to you.


    Apart from being an important topic to discuss, it can be fun sometimes too. Speaking about things happening in each other's families can make for interesting discussion.

    Suggestions And Advice

    Communications needn't just be about making conversation on a particular subject. Sometimes, offering fruitful advice is also imperative.

    Shared Goals

    Apart from sharing personal goals, it is important to talk about shared goals, goals or ideas that first brought the both of you together. A relationship wherein both partners share the same goals is one that will last for not just a single lifetime.

    Bedroom Topics

    Things might go wrong in the bedroom sometimes and if stuff like that remains outside the purview of a healthy discussion, sustaining the relationship can be hard. For instance, maybe you didn't feel like having sex sometimes. If you don't discuss your feelings and the reasons, leaving your partner guessing is definitely not the best idea.

    The Past

    The past is something everyone likes to discuss- especially incidents pertaining to past relationships. Discussing this topic can definitely be exciting.

    Offering Help

    Offering help and making your partner aware that you are there for him/her is essential. Elaborating how you can be of help can be an immensely constructive topic that can strengthen a relationship.

    Try these relationship topics and see the effect it brings on your relationship. These are the easiest

    ways to bridge the communication gap that you and your partner have. Make the best out of it without any delay.

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