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9 Reasons Not To Hold Grudges In Relationships


Relationships are strange; they often do not work out the way they are supposed to. When two people live together or enter a relationship, many situations and untoward incidents may happen. Sometimes, unforgivable mistakes might be made in a relationship. Often, people hold grudges in relationships. Letting go of these grudges is not easy, especially if you think you have been wronged. However, resentment in a relationship can be the beginning of the end.


Holding grudges in a relationship does not make sense. This is because it affects the quality of your life and that of your partner's. Healing resentment in a relationship is possible only when you are willing to let go of the grudges. Sometimes, you may hold grudges in a relationship without knowing it yourself. This grudge grows on you and comes out in the form of a jibe or taunt when you are angry.

Usually, that is how good relationships get ruined. That is why; be careful not to hold grudges in relationships. It is much easier to let go of a grudge than you think it is. In fact, the sooner you let go of the grudge, the better it is for you as a person. Remember, happy people make happy relationship. And as long as you hold a grudge, you will never be completely happy.

Here are some very simple reasons why you should not hold grudges in relationships.


It Adds Emotional Baggage

Holding a grudge affects you much more than it affects the person against whom who have the grudge. It adds to emotional baggage that you have to carry around all the time.


It Weighs On Your Mind

A grudge is like a debt, it weighs on your mind until you know it has been paid for. It can be one of the leading causes of depression.


It Makes You Upset

Happy people make happy relationships and thus, you should try to work on things that make you happy. What is the point of carrying a grudge around like a dead weight that will never allow you to be at peace.


It Makes You Resent Your Partner

When you hold a grudge in a relationship, it makes you resent your partner. Your partner is blissfully unaware of this but the resentment keeps eating you up from within.


Hitting Below The Belt

The grudge often makes you vindictive and comes out at the least opportune moments. If you are having a fight with your partner, your grudge often comes out as a jibe or taunt that really hits below the belt.


It Is Much Easier To Forgive

If you could actually do maths with emotions, you would come to a conclusion that is much easier to let go of grudges than keeping them.


It Makes You Grow Apart

Grudges make you indifferent to the pain and suffering of your partner. That is why; keeping grudges makes you grow apart in relationships.


It Makes You Silent

Silence that comes out of pain and resentment is not healthy for a relationship. And grudges often makes partners go silent in each other's presence. This silence grows into a rift that finally tears them apart.


You Will Regret It

There is one thing that is common for all grudges; you always regret holding them in the end. Often, your regret comes only when it is too late to reconcile with your partner.

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Story first published: Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 19:46 [IST]
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