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    5 Mistakes Men Make While Approaching Women


    To impress a girl, men make many moves. Right from the clothes they are wearing to the smoke they carry, men always tend to di things that would impress a girl. But they tend to fail with their approach. Women get impressed by the way a man approaches her and this is where most men fail.

    In this article we shall analyse a few approaching mistakes men make. These mistakes are common yet repeated several times. Men must actually work on these approaching mistakes they make to have a better rate of women impressed by them.

    5 Approaching Mistakes Men Make

    Anyways it is tough to impress a woman and these approaching mistakes men make just add to the difficulty.


    Indirect crap - You like a girl, you adore her and you want to approach her. But you approach her through a friend, isn't that a little awkward? women like men who directly approach them without any fear and full of confidence. The indirect and via via is an approaching mistake men make. This method seldom works intact destroys the impression of the guy. Never use the indirect way as it is a common approaching mistake men make.

    Too personal - Women like direct men but with the ones who show respect to them. The men who get a little too bold with their actions and speech are not so welcome by women. The best example is a man who would start talking about virginity, sexy women and tampons are definitely not going to impress any woman, instead they can hurt the sentiments of some women this way. The unnecessary bold move is an approaching mistake men make. This is a common approaching mistake men make who think of themselves very smart.

    Cheesy pick up lines - "Have so seen you somewhere?" and "Is your father a terrorist, as you are a total sex bomb" are some cheesy and cheap pick up line men use when approaching a woman. This is a disaster as no woman can get impressed by these lines. If you think you would impress a girl with the cheesy stuff, you are living in a different era. Use of cheap and cliche lines is an approaching mistake men make quite often. The cliche lines are also very boring and no longer make any woman feel good. Try something new and refreshing. Talking bizarre is definitely not going to help

    Pretentious you - A very common yet repeated approaching mistake men make is that they pretend to be somebody else, someone who they think is cool to impress a girl. Originality is what attracts women and not fake ness. You would hide your TRUE self if you tend to behave like someone else to impress a girl. The honesty and originality is what impresses a girl. Being someone else just to impress a girl is the biggest approaching mistake men make.

    Boast - Boasting of themselves and making a pillar of lies supporting their boasting is another approaching mistake men make. Do not talk FALSE and extra just to get a good note from a woman. Women hate all these approaching mistakes men make a lot.

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